Thursday, February 23, 2006

In front of the Helix

This is one of two ginormous chairs outside of our hotel next to a giant Magritte inspired painting. I was excited to see these every day and couldn't leave until I had taken a picture on one... sadly it had rained so I couldn't sit down... :) Helix is a boutique hotel and was funkalicious! There were curtains that opened by sensor when you walked in, and all of the decor had a retro vibe. Everything was colorful and posh, and FUN! I loved being there! The best was the bed area which was almost seperate from the rest of the room and there was a sheer curtain that could be pulled so we could hide if we wanted. Nice to get away!

Other cool things I discovered in D.C.:
-Georgetown!! (very cool shopping area! Want to go back!!)
-Paper Source (this store was heaven to me!! i think i am still too overwhelmed to comment!)
-Autobiography Kit ( I got this box from a little boutique in the Dupont Circle area and it is a very cool intensive system to help you record the story of your life. There are journal prompts, idea cards, etc...I am excited to start my journey inwards in a more precise manner!)
-Anthropologie is my mecca!!
-Caribou coffee!! (yum! should have taken a picture!!) Posted by Picasa

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