Sunday, February 19, 2006

this is me...

lately my favorite things have been my "PINK" pajamas. Of all the things I got this Christmas, I was probably looking foward to these the most. This picture doesn't do the p.j.'s justice becuase they are a bold pink with colorful polka dots :)
i've had so much on my mind lately. that's what happens when you have time to sit around! eventhough I had wanted to sit and write about my theory about Narcissism and other pressing mental pulses, I have been busy thinking about a fortune from a Fortune Cookie: "Ingenuity is the focus of this month." I have felt that my creativity has been stifled for so long and yet I find myself continuously running from myself...I guess I am scared at how absorbed I become when in a state of creating...I have also been thinking about a motif in Anna Karenina..."the dream of life." The concept behind this is that people become so absorbed in the humdrum of their lives that it become like sleepwalking... kind of like what "Waking Life" was trying to express but this was written in the 19th C and uses this theory to show that people hide in their lives rather than living them. Life becomes a dream that we live through in semi-consciousness. I find it interesting that when we are truly honest with ourselves and reach a sort of enlightenment we call it an 'awakening.' It's when we realize that so many of the things we fuss over in our day to day is merely part of our illusion.
chew for awhile, it tastes good after you swallow it! :)
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