Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Self Statement

I originally wrote this in January of 2007 in my little coffee shop Caffe Cafe in Bay Ridge. I must say I took the entire format from Sharon Draper, and used this is an activity in my freshmen english class--thus I made one to show the kids.

i am a teacher, a dreamer, a life artist, a friend. i approach life with an open mind, cautious heart, and broad smile. i see life as a series of challenges that i strive to overcome and grow from. i learn from every experience and am better because of them. i love expression, art, laughter, nature, and helping others. Music, nostalgia, and children inspire me, as well as watching clouds, reading, and sitting by a waterfront. as a teacher i try to exhibit my passion for life, i try to give my students a forum to develop who they are, i try to be someone they can trust. i have learned to laugh at lfe because that is the only way to thrive. i believe it is important to stay in touch with my inner child, to make things, to share myself, to communicate, and to occassionally dance--because it is thrilling. i shall always be a seeker of knowledge and a creator in some form.

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