Monday, June 30, 2008

lots of excitement to share!

#1. Last night I got to see the fabulous, talented, brilliant....:

at Radio City Music Hall (one of the friendliest NY venues-- and I love hopping down the squishy carpeted stairs!! Eddie definitely ad-libbed half of the show, but it was brilliant. Angelo called the theme right away--the ever popular origin of mankind! One of my favorites was when Eddie talked about Darwin's controversial book: "Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey...YOU!" Of course he brought up some controversial topics like our elections, the way the world sees America, Intelligent Design not being so intelligent etc. Super poignant yet hard to applaud some of his witticisms with one friend being highly a Conservative Christian!! One particularly profound statement was about why Americans should vote Obama: "So [we] can go on holiday around the world and not have to pretend [we're] Canadian!" I could say a lot here, but I don't really like to make these types of thoughts public!

On to more excitement!... The next few months are chock-full-o' awesome shows!!! I am lucky enough to be seeing:

BLONDE REDHEAD (second time I am going to see them--one of my top five bands!! Free Show August 14th at Pier 54!)

the pinnacle of my new year...SIGUR ROS ( I have been dying to get tickets to see them and they are playing on my birthday! Angelo bought them as my birthday present, so 27 will have to ROCK!! We set about five alarms so I could order them at the exact moment they went on sale!! )

STARS (also up there in my top five, and in my top 2 of bands I haven't seen that I have been pining to see!! I bought a sole ticket for my own birthday gift! So on the 18th of September I see Sigur Ros and the 20th I get to see STARS!! How lucky am i?)

TEGAN AND SARA ( as another birthday gift I actually told my brother to get these tickets. We both LOVE T&S so much that this will be the second time in '08 we are going to see them! I bought brother tix for his b-day and he bought for mine! Such love!! So October 5th will continue my months of rocking, now I just need to get tix for Okkervil River and I will be elated for the end of '08!!

Other bands I would love to see who are playing the next few months: Stereolab and Built to Spill anyone that reads this, I hope you laugh a lot, find irony in the everyday, and enjoy some beautiful music!!! To the prospect of a great year!!

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