Sunday, August 10, 2008

some glimpses into what i've been up to...

HERE is my first GOCCO print!! I drew this little robot and then after flubbing once (and wasting two bulbs : ( )
I was able to go robot printing crazy and send these little cards as freebies with my ATC trades! NEED to get more bulbs and screens!!
Here are some ATC"S I just made
These are some papercuts I have been making. I am obsessed!! I go back and forth with these, but I love robots so much and cutting so much that I just started going crazy. I made a robot cut card as a freebie on a recent ATC trade, but forgot to photograph, I don't love these, but I am getting better bit by bit. The "Our HOme" one was done so many times with so many tedious methods that all stunk. The original drawing is so much better!
Since I haven't blogged in so long and there is so much to share, I had to put something new out there! Really, I have been busy being invigorated with a renewed sense of direction. I have been looking at beauty, networking, reevaluating dreams, and participating in an amazing Fellowship at Columbia U!! Sigh, good things that need to be balanced. The air tonight is so crisp and fresh...Fall is coming, and even though it is my favorite season, it also means two things that I DREAD: 1. School starting 2. My birthday!! SO,  to anyone out there, the theme is to experience and to create!

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  1. Hi, found this blog via Flickr. I love your Alice atc's and am amazed at the papercut images - so detailed.



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