Sunday, November 09, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Handmade Holiday Edition Part I

I want to get a head start on the Holidays this I proclaim EVERY year! I always want to be able to thoroughly bask in the holidays-- watch Rudolph ad nausea, revisit nostalgia, write letters, drink hot cocoa, bake goodies, become hypnotized by lights...those are some of the things I don't get to focus on enough during the holidays. Usually there is stress, financial woes, and chilly nights feeling like I am forgetting something. SO, this year, with the help of Cyndy
I am trying to not only set holiday goals, but continue on the path of craft (silly me!) and work on a Homemade Holiday. So far we have begun our planning of baked goods and swapping ideas. I have been gathering magazines and inspiration. The next step is to create the mega-list of the whos and whats...and start plotting in the good old planner....Now, in the key of early handmade holiday, here are some great links and inspiration!!
Not only are there so many cool projects on this site, my favorite is this gag gift for the person who always says they want nothing. Haha!

Besides having an all around cool array of templates for all sorts of projects (including a mannequin for designs, a butterfly enclosure card, and the triptych card below) this site also gives sample work and some rubber stamp tutorials! FUN! ANd for more packaging templates go HERE.
This particular link is for handmade gifts for teens, though I certainly want to make some of the stuff for myself! Like: 
 or this:

or this:

(yet another reason the holidays are difficult is that I find so much that I want!!)

And Cyndy sent me a great link with a project I want to try right away:

Sigh...I want to make stuff all day!! If you have any great holiday links, please share!! After all, 'tis the Season!! And here is an extra bonus:


  1. Yay for Homemade Holidays! So exciting. I really feel like this was the "kick-off" weekend! I'm jumping for joy because I love this time of year so much. Creating and giving. What more do we need? I love those links. That Jar of Nothing is genius! Everytime I look at it I crack-up!
    That floppy disk pen holder is awesome, too.
    Oh, let's quit are day jobs and go apply at the North Pole!

  2. That's "our" not "are..." Duh.
    English teachers.



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