Friday, November 07, 2008


I am an internet addict and have a knack for finding SO much inspiration and all around amazing stuff! I love visual stimulation, people or ideas that make me think or become wide-eyed with awe and ideas, and people who deserve some good karma! Lately I have been trying to set goals, keep organized, and make it a point to express and appreciate the little things in life--so, here are a few amazing finds:
This is probably #1 on my wishlist. Keri Smith h has been an inspiration of mine for quite a few years now. There is a feeling of freedom and abandon in her prescriptions of creativity and general philosophies on life and art. Anyone out there looking to challenge him/herself artistically, get out of a creative block, or experience something amazing, try and of her books! I even saw a  few made for young girls through the American Girl labe l! Awesome! A took a peek into this one (I want to savor it when I do get it!) and WOW, so AMAZING!! If you like to think-outside-of-the-box: GET THIS BOOK! Great for kids and adults. 

After seeing something about this book somewhere in the worldwide web, I stumbled upon it while on a retreat to Barnes and Noble and couldn't resist splurging. This book is one of those, "I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK IN MY POSSESSION" books. I have only made it through a fraction of it and WOWOWOW! This has to be the coolest thing in the universe!!! Hyperbole aside, this is a visual how-to guide about some of the most interesting and obscure 'something-or-others" one could imagine. This book is an artistic, somewhat humorous, reference book! Here is just a whiff of some of the how-tos:
  • craft a playing card wallet
  • speed peel a hard-boiled egg
  • prepare Tibetan yak butter tea
  • tie a traditional windsor knot
  • spoon without arm discomfort
  • boost my wi-fi with a strainer
  • decipher a cat's body language
  • heal with accupressure points
  • mount a camel
  • survive a shipwreck
  • trick radar with a fake ufo

I bought this tiny book that can (and should) fit into a pocket, at MOMA about three years ago. Inside are countless images arranged by subject. The purpose is to be able to communicate with pretty much anyone, wherever you are, regardless of language barriers.  

Truly one of the GREATEST, if only I could find mine in the boxes I STILL haven't unpacked in the studio!Inspiration and instant karma to all!

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  1. So, you just point to pics of somthing in the book? We're prob going to Japan for our honeymoon - thinking something like that may come in handy!



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