Friday, December 26, 2008


Being a voyeur has in ways made me decide to share glimpses of my life as well...and this is my happy place, so here are happy things to share from my holiday!!
I made my  own easy bows that were  so much fun I want to make them all of the time!! I got the original tutorial here  but tweaked it using strips of scrapbook paper (which I have an abundance of), staples, and glue dots (aka boogies). I had to jam a lot into two nights because of my nerve issues, but I pushed myself and still ended up with a nice holiday and some cutely wrapped gifts (my dream career!) My inadvertent theme was retro-inspired and included my favorite colors!!
karma-elf late night workshop!
This was one of the last rounds of bows!
One present display!
Our tree in our nook!! ( I can't believe Ange was cool with pink!!)

And naturally the animals have to get involved!! Jasper jumped inside a shopping bag! My brother was laying on the couch and I gave him Jasper in a bag, but he returned him for evident malfunctioning as a cat.
And then Fana, the cat who generally doesn't like toys, LOVED the catnip infused gifts from my parents!! Look at that blurry, stretchy love!
And one of my favorite gifts!
... so ends the peeky for today! Today we have decided to sit around and play the lazy game in which very little gets accomplished and the mess of paper, dishes, gifts, and mail sits and waits for the rest of our Boxing day! Still a lot to do, to photograph, to digest, to wrap (yes my friends there is more!) Next post will be more list mode so I can bask in memories. By the way, my tree is staying up for as long as I can have it my way, I find that I stress so much before the holiday that I never get to enjoy the simple things! Today is for me! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!!! XOXO


  1. Lots of color...Pretty and festive. I love the new photo, too!
    Sooooo adorable! Let's get together during the week!

  2. What do you mean by "weird missing post?" I have a post I saved as a draft but didn't publish...My "To Craft" list for 2009...Could that be it? I'm technologically challenged...I'm sure you've figured that out by now!

  3. Cub's great-grandpa (Joe's grandfather) passed away yesterday. Today also happens to be the anniversary of my mom's passing.



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