Sunday, December 14, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Designer Cookbooks/ Food Art

While perusing my happy place aka Barnes and Noble, I was uber-inspired by the artistically designed cook/food books out for me to discover! Here were some of the coolest:
1080 Recipes 
(by the amazing company Phaidon ) 

I LOVE the artwork!!!
Find it here! 

There is in fact a book in here:
There was another similar concept but I can't seem to find it on-line! Find this here! 

Cookie Craft
 Get this and customer images here!

Hello, Cupcake!
Sometimes I'm not sure about making food so artsy because then I feel bad about chomping in...but, I am sooo glad others do this so I can swoon over these pictures!!
 Get this and customer images here!! 
Here are some of my favorites:

Art and Cook
I found this book when I did a double-take because I thought I saw an egg-carton in the bookshelf! I was right...kind of...The packaging of this book is in fact an egg-carton!!

You can get it here, but to really grasp the concepts in here , check out the site!! 
Here is a peeky:
To inspiration everywhere!! YUM!!!

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