Monday, December 22, 2008


SO MUCH NERDY EXCITEMENT to share!!! It's funny, even though I feel very misunderstood by some of my colleagues, I realize it is essentially because they are close-minded and ordinary. That probably sounds really mean, but I guess I am tired of being treated like I have a contagious disease because I don't complain about life and don't gossip about others, maybe because I believe in creativity and critical thinking, or because I have a plethora of interests and passions that transcend my day to day routine....and perhaps I am just a tad geeky....mostly because stuff like this makes me so elated inside:

How amazing??? It's as if LOST knows how to make me truly warm and fuzzy inside--here's the recipe, take my favorite phenomena (aka show) add sweet graphic design and create WPA-style postcards for me to swoon over before the fifth season starts!! The think-tank behind this 'show' (because really it is sooo  much more than a show) is pure genius-- a combo of science, literary, art, religion, mysticism, anthropology, you name it genius is required in the world that LOST has created...or been created by...There is so much out there for this show, like the hub at DarkUFO , or the LOSTPEDIA to name a speck, so I chose to avoid blogging about LOST , but truly, this blog is about my passions and inspirations, and LOST is the penultimate (well, during the months it is on!) Truth be told, my relationship with the show (yes, relationship!) is perhaps unhealthy and obsessive, but I AM NOT ALONE!! I guess that is the beauty of the internet, as much as I have to deal with small minds and even smaller hearts, I know there are enough people out there who GET IT, for whatever it's worth. Be forewarned, my love for WPA Posters will continue to be expressed, and perhaps I will be forced to share more LOST love...because in January my life will predominantly revolve around returning to the island....


  1. You are AWESOME! Does that make me a nerdy geek, too? Maybe!
    Cub's daddy always said I was "quirky." Love the posters. Keep sharing all love in that great big heart of yours.
    This little someone appreciates it all.

  2. Merry KITSCHMAS to you, too, Jendetta:)

  3. Glad your Christmas was a fun one, despite your injury. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    I had to comment on this post, because of your opening paragraph about colleagues. I have SO been there! In the office where I used to work, I just gave up talking about things that really interested me, because of the blank looks I used to get. Or worse still, that patronising, smiling tolerance from boring people who thought I was mad.

    NEVER let other people deter you or influence you away from the things you love!!! Easier said than done, I know. I spend half my life in an insecure dither about all the things I do!

    But I hope you continue to pursue all the marvellous things you love. And to share them in a great blog! (Even if you are a 'LOST' freak!) : D

    Hope you have a good New Year!



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