Saturday, February 21, 2009


 One of my biggest inspirations my whole life has been street art-- much to the chagrin of some! (I keep a total distinction between self-indulgent graffiti and street art though!) When I was in high school I was part of "crews" that shared blackbooks of art and loved knowing some of the best (RIP SEMZ)-- and though I have shared some love in the past, here is a glimpse of why I am so lucky to live in NY! The following is from a little walk around my friend Patti's neighborhood-- me with camera in pocket snapping even when stuck in traffic! (I am a lazy Islander who tends to waste money by driving into Manhattan!)
All of the above were taken while looking for a parking spot! haha--quite an adventure in itself!
I think this one was around Mott...I would have to ask Patti again...I am a mindless wanderer... But I love the pixelated design!!
These three are right down the block from Patti's!
 Adam, the spock is for you!!
 I didn't understand this one!
The sign for the New Museum on houston...
And a rare anti-apocolyptic message!

I hope you enjoyed! xoxo


  1. Those are freaking awesome! Street art IS wicked cool.
    And I really like your blog banner....ALOT!!
    First time visitor..jumped over from Ashley Watt's page.
    Hope you are having a fun weekend!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I live in NJ about 20 minutes from the city. I love going there and just taking in everything I see. I also love everything you bought. I look forward to seeing your picnic blanket. I'm working on mine today and I'm making it for my sister who is moving to Texas in less than a month.

  3. fantastic!
    When I first went to New York, my husband and I were so scared! It was so big and we never thought we would be able to cross the street without being run over.
    By the end of the stay, we were running all over the city and stepping out in front of traffic. It is an amazing city and you get to live there!

  4. hi! i'm in the rva class and saw that you're from si!!
    i am tooooooo! i currently live in manhattan but my fam is all on si still!
    anway, i got excited and wanted to say hi!!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! I love street art.

  6. Anonymous6:54 AM

    The end isn't near was my favorite but i also enjoyed the one that looked like Kim Jong Il. Or am I the only one that though it looked like that? Was it supposed to? What was that a painting of, now I'm confused. Oh and Spock looks hot with a little eye shadow, accentuates his brow line, much needed.

  7. Love these pictures and totally agree with you about street art vrs graffitti. Love it. There's this bakery near my house that changes it's 'street art' constantly and I was going to leave a link to pictures, but I couldn't find it. Ugg :(

    On the upside. I'm so freaking jealous of you living in New York. My sister and I are visiting again this summer (for the 2nd time) and are SO excited. Any must sees?

  8. These are great! Makes me want to do the mural photo documentary I've been putting off... Hey, thanks for the shout back! I hope they put the Handmade Nation film out on dvd when the premieres are done or maybe you can catch it somewhere, like Barcelona in two weeks, and it was just in NY last week, dammit... after checking out a little of your blog looks like you could have made a cameo in the film, you get my vote for appearing in the sequel!!! blog on dude!

  9. Beth: thanks for visiting, Ashley rocks!

    Laura: hey!! We're basically neighors!!

    Toni: I grew up here and still get scared! Driving is the WORST!

    Holly: Let's see...if you are an art fan, then my faves are Neue gallery, MOMA, the Met, and the Whitney. I love shopping in the Village or chinatown, you should walk across the Brooklyn bridge, at drink cocoa from Jacques Torres in DUMBO...I could go on and on and on!!

    Lamont: so happy to have your vote!! Love your thought processes and look forward to reading more!!

  10. Oh how I would love to visit many picturesque opportunities. I would be in awe in Times Square. And I love street art. Around here I just look for trains that have graffiti on the cars and get excited about it....Imagine what I would be like in NY.

    What do you think about NY?

  11. photogpraphy4me: Well, if exciting and inspiring is what you like, you could spend eternity throughout New York and probably still be looking!! But it can be overwhelming, since I guess beauty is wherever you seek it, but there is certainly a lot to experience and see!! xoxo



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