Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Have big, hairy, audacious goals..."

Love this site so much!
And really, I revel in reminders of all kinds. I tend to put words up around my apartment, in my pocketbook, sometimes in my pocket...anywhere I can to keep me focused. I try to keep sticky-notes available at all times for this purpose...even on my laptop (love you Mac!) 
This particular sentiment hit home because lately I have been trying to reassess my goals-- in every arena of my life. Since I finished college, (too many years ago already) I stopped making goals as precise as I used to. I would write weekly, monthly, yearly, and goals for the next five years....and then I got there...and asked now what? At around 25 I realized that the future seemed more and more elusive...what do you do when you don't know where the road will lead you--especially when relationships end, circumstances change, and responsibilities take precedence; it's hard to decide which path to take indefinitely. But the key is....DREAM BIG, MAKE GOALS, AND DON'T STOP MOVING, even when the road moves too fast, or has sharp turns, or seems too dark to see at times...take the time to sit, focus, and manifest dreams. xoxo

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