Monday, August 17, 2009


-->This mention in the 92Y blog!

-->This photo as part of a local series, by the amazing Matt Accardo:
I hoped to be part of his series since so many people I know have been photographed and look amazing! This was taken after a sweaty day of art making during Van Duzer Days part I. 
--> Being in the Top 50 Arts Blogs through Facebook!
--> Seeing Animal Collective as part of Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park!
(Here is a supercool article since my pictures didn't come out well!)
--> Watching a Staten Island renaissance bloom!
--> Remembering the bliss of first loves-- and the chaos too, but being totally accepting of that 14 years later!
-->New people, new music, the potential of the future!
--> Sitting on my porch for hours with nothing I have to do other than listen to birds chirp and my iTunes shuffle.
--> Tickets to see The Flaming Lips with Explosions in the Sky in Philly next week!

--> Scoring tickets to go see Sufjan Stevens and also the Dodos at Music Hall of Williamsburg (my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE VENUE) in October!

--> The last two episodes of True Blood, and the show Being Human on BBC America!

--> Peter Jackson's District 9!


  1. You look so pretty in that picture, sweat and all. ALSO ... Last episode of TB was awesome.

  2. P.S. I couldn't remember my password would be the reason for two previous anonymous comments.

  3. aw. you are a pretty pretty lady.

    oh, were you able to download the mag i sent?




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