Sunday, October 04, 2009


I have been desperate to find the energy to blog...I have been pulled in so many directions lately (all of my own doing really) and pray that I establish some sense of true balance one day. Either way, I wanted to share some local goodness and love of these awesome friends!!


photo taken at recent art gathering "Bridge the Gap II" 

A little bit of background: seriously a local legend, I have so much respect for John because since I first met him 14+ years ago he has kept creating, expressing, being true to forms of art that have been misused and forgotten at times. John built this pyramid himself and had a bunch of us add pieces to the top to make it a communal message.

I think my friend JP or Cyndy took this, but this is one of the only pics of the piece in it's "completed" state. I think I look totally silly here, but my darling Jenny said I looked like a curator!

John's photo-- from "Homeless Art Gallery II"


photo taken at "Bridge the Gap II"

There is nothing Demetrius can't do. An amazing spoken word poet, a dancer, a painter-- another local genius! I have been lucky to spot a lot of his work and love the energy he brings to any venue!

photo taken at "Van Duzer Days Part I"

this is Demetrius's photo of a mural done on the side wall of a local haunt "Martini Red"


photo taken at "Bridge the Gap II"-- So lucky to watch this gorgeous piece take shape. The subject is his adorable niece (who I got to meet that day!) Even though Kevin doesn't live on the island anymore, he is another one of those people I knew "way-back-when" who has continued on his path as an artist and is out there doing some amazing stuff!! 

Kevin's photo!

Kevin's photo! This is one of my new favorites!

There are so many talented people hiding out here on Staten Island...and I love it. Rarely do I show pride, but lately I am proud of my home and at least a fair amount of people who inhabit it. I thank these and so many more friends who have made this place happen again...there will be more local love to share here! xoxo


  1. I'm sorry I missed Bridge the Gap II. I was focusing on my installation for the COAHSI event in the New York Container Terminal. Love your photos, though. Question: Would you be O.K. with me reproducing one of your flickr photos on my new SI community website, Sounds Like Staten Island? (It's still being built.) I'd like to use your great image of the "Do You Know Me?"posters on the door.

  2. Very interesting post!



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