Thursday, October 01, 2009


I have done it again! A month of ideas and experiences. A month of epiphanies. A month without blog posts. I have even been slacking with my 365 Photo Project...not entirely wanting to look at myself as often. This is the time of year I dread and pine for. The new school year. Another birthday. The equinox.
Thrust right back into the machine! But this year is different. It's in the air. I am now 28, and in my "Saturn Return" period. I am learning deeper lessons--getting better at this whole life thing, and hoping I won't let this world slip away. So many beautiful things have happened, but naturally, so have many hard realizations that having a month off will allow me to sort through. So, despite all of the vagueness here, I am alive and pensive...aware that a lot of work needs to be done...thus my little playground here has suffered. The self-derived pressure of posting keeps me from posting. So much I want to share, thus I share nothing. Hoping to bring some goodness back here soon!


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