Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In learning to cope with life, I need to create. Here is to adding to life when encountered with voids.

This paper memorial was first hand drawn on cardstock, then cut. I used clear jewelry wire to attach the cloud to a twig I found, and then used the wire to attach rain drops made from cardstock. I like the droplets from afar, though up close one can see I glued dimes in between the paper for weight. I think of the dimes as offerings so that I don't obsess over the imperfect aesthetics. Now I just need a proper home for this piece.

I made this papercut for my friend Denise who passed recently. Not only was she a living Shakespeare encyclopedia, but she is the person who propelled my love of the bard. One of her favorite plays to teach was "The Tempest", which to date is one of my own--and the play the broke my brother out of his box. The text reads: "How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in it."

And here is a touching poem my brother wrote for our bard:

Sleep Soundly Lady Macbeth
(in loving memory of Denise Simone)

The sky looks like it's cooking up some sort of mess,
a tempest and someone isn't going to make it.
That's when I heard about what happened to you
as my tears swell up from this great tragedy
I hope you know what you did to my life
with kindness and support.
Can I wish you a Midsummer's dream
in the belly of the Fall?
My burning barge, how I thank you
you've made me into this perfect sonnet
and taught me that all's
well that ends well,
but the night brings forth shivers.
Tell me, where did you find those clipped wings?
And why did you say the looked good pinned on my back?
Walk along with the ghost of a literary father
bow out like a satisfied, underpaid actor
remembering the power of words
because sometimes "I love you" is just enough.

This papercut is for my friend Joe "Semz" who passed a few years ago. The design was taken from a well known photo of him featured in a magazine.

I drew some contour lines and made some tweaks so that I could transfer the soul of this image into a papercut.

To Joe

You were never just a name on the wall
you were a work of art
your name was never you

cisco in a she-ra thermos
staring at the city ahead
ferry boats
hiding out by the water
it's so high now
our rocks are almost gone

underground universes
kicking of our shoes
new york explorers

the tower windows
even they are gone

you let me paint your nails
break into your car
you revealed your face
and i kissed your forehead

we cried until we laughed
we laughed until we snorted
and marked our territory
before we disappeared

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