Sunday, January 10, 2010



I really believe I have Adult ADD...or at least when I am home. Earlier today I started a new blog post for a series I want to start and it disappeared...rather than fret, I moved on to millions of other tasks. Vacuum for a few minutes, then stop and craft, then more housework, stop and create...and so on. the midst of everything else I want/need to do, and share, I made new pocket-size to-do list pages. (Which was on the to do list for this week anyway!) There are many awesome (and free) planner pages around the internet-- like DIY Planner and Ahhh-Design-- and inspired by the latter and this great tutorial and template I made my own to share.

You can download my template and follow these steps, or just doodle like I did. Either way I find the act of using creativity for the daily rigamarole gives me incentive to actually commit to the things on the list!

1. After doodling 8 list templates on cardstock, I made a copy and got my trusty bone-folder and Xacto.
(You can use any straight edge for folds, I just love the ease and precision of the bone-folder.)

2. Fold in half lengthwise.
(If you are doodling your own, make sure to make your images facing in opposite directions so they are all even when you fold. You could measure your drawing or make fold marks with the cardstock so you know your drawing perimeters.)

3. Unfold and prepare to cut along the fold between these two points only!

Just like this!

4. Then fold all of the pages in to make an accordion.

Like this!

5. Then open the slit and fan out like a diamond.

Like this!

5. Then fold your little book any way you want!
(Notice I only put 7 lines per day, I read a study that if you give yourself only this magic number of tasks to do, you are more likely to accomplish what is on you list!)

I hope you enjoy! I left these simple so they can be colored and played with throughout the week. I already started filling mine out! I would love to see what you do!! Link up!


Here's the LINK to the PDF! Let me know if there are any problems!


  1. Very nice. Thanks for the template. I just bought myself a little notebook for this exact purpose. However, this is much cuter! Makes me want to get off my ass and go buy that printer I was supposed to buy myself for the holidays!
    xoxo...This is Cyndy- just in case it does not let me post this! Luv you.

  2. Love your doodle style and that you made a DIY guide. I know how long blog posts giving directions can take. Very groovy of you. :)



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