Wednesday, February 17, 2010


    Lately our local thrift shops have grown in number and quality and I love little more than going treasure hunting!! One of these days I will put together a user friendly local guide to my favorite 'treasure troves'...until then, here are some of my most inspiring finds of late:
Awesome retro-printed vintage upholstery fabric around .50 a yard!!
The above from BAY STREET THRIFT!
I better get on the sewing train with all of the fabric I find at UNIQUE.
The fabric on the left is from my friend Cristyn's nonna! Just scored the brown fabric at UNIQUE and can't wait to make a bag from it!
These are my favorite UNIQUE fabric finds! I think I paid about $5 and there are at least three yards of the denim!

And then this napkin set:
I am thinking these would be great for embroidering...any ideas??

The cashier and I shared a nice moment of understanding over this find! This will gladly join my 'She-Ra' thermos in exalted status!

The shoes on the left were $4 at UNIQUE and the other super-effing cool pair are from a Swap Party I went to last weekend!! SUCH A FUN and cool experience!

And then there are these special finds from my favorite little secret:
I love love love treasure-hunting here! These two 1960's enamel brooches were only $1.50 each!!

Sigh. So many lovely things to gush about and new creations to dream about!
Anyone else finding anything special lately?

“In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”
-John Steinbeck


  1. OMG, Jenn!! I have been doing nothing but thrifting and sewing this vacation. I felt so guilty about my purchases, but now that I read your post, I feel better! Such pretties to be found, yes?!
    Yesterday I spent over 30.oo at Sal. Army and I sewed until 3am...making shirts, skirts, dresses, even an infant gown! Tonight, it was Unique's turn...Lots of vintage pillow cases, fabrics, and shirts to be had, plus some housewares. The thrifting is getting really good here. Funny, at the sewing fundraiser in Hoboken, many of the girls were saying they wanted to come to SI just for the thrifting...and I was like, "No way, don't bother!" Hee, hee...More for us! xoxox
    PS: So been wanting to post, but have not bought batteries for my camera. Maybe tomorrow...I need to share!

  2. I have been visiting all of my thrift stores lately too! So much fun!

    Really great finds!

  3. Haha, CYNDY!! I have been thrifting consistently and collecting treasures that I haven't posted! We really are developing quite a few charming staples here on the island, and yes, SHHH! hahah, it's already catching on, partially because I tell everyone about Unique! Grant City is a special little secret I rarely share! haha

    ANGELA: isn't it always like being a whimsical kid looking for quirky treasures? love it!



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