Friday, March 05, 2010


First I crushed on this fabric I found at the local Joann Fabric and Craft store:

 And then I finally got to play 'for real' on my darling new machine!

 And here is the first bag I have made that I am actually proud of!!

The pattern is the Buttercup Bag from the very awesome Made by Rae.

The lining is fabric I thrifted at the local Unique.

Here are some of the firsts I accomplished with this project:

1. Actually cutting and preparing a project in advance!
2. Pin tucks
3. Inserting a snap
4. Making a pocket
5. Sewing a yoke
6. Mastery of attaching strap between lining and outer...

Suffice to say I am pretty happy...and although it has been quite a stressful few weeks, finishing this projected lifted so much! As much as I want to sew sew sew more, I have to crochet a scarf for my dad and rest for yet another work day! 



  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy it is complete. You did a great job. This is such a great pattern- so quick and easy. I remember seeing that fabric and thought it would make a lovely jumper for my girl! You must be proud of yourself. My shoulder strap will have to wait till tomorrow. I am so utterly exhausted from this week. I finally crashed after the after school date with Cub at Chuck E. Cheese! Never again on a Friday after school! Happy Sewing & Happy Weekending! xoxo

  2. Hey..Just Thought Id Pop By And Say You Have A Great Blog Here!!
    Keep Up The Good Work Hun!!
    Ive Just Started A New Blog :D
    Love Leanne



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