Tuesday, June 29, 2010


    For at least the last 3-4 years of my life, I have worked actively and steadily at making changes to provide a healthier, more enriching, safer, and greener future for my potential children. I've never been the girl to plan her wedding or contemplate engagement rings (actually, diamonds make my cry because I imagine little amputee children and it shakes me to the core)--but I have seriously thought about what type of mother I want to be, the life I want my kids to have, and the practical nature of how making small changes at a steady rate can exponentially help many around us. So, today I got lured into watching this video...suffice to say it made me cry but also inspired the impetus already brewing inside of me.

So as a friend (who luckily has quite a few wonderful friends who share info with me regularly)...here are just a few things I do to make a healthier present and future....and by no means have I reached my goal, but it's fun finding ways to get there!

 All-natural (as in NO chemicals) body products and when possible make them myself.
My darling Cyndy gave me the book Natural Beauty at Home which has been immensely helpful. One thing I always do is I make my own shampoo (a little mixture lasts me MONTHS and I don't NEED conditioner).

Companies I like: Tom's, Nature's Gate, Uncle Harry's, Dr. Bronner's

Green cleaning products

There are so many easy to make products, but luckily in the world we live in now, there are so many eco-friendly products to purchase as well. Ultimately I would like to be at the point in which I create more than I consume, but if you're in a pinch, choose the eco-friendly option!!

Products to keep on hand: Baking Soda, Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemmon Juice, Essential Oils (pure!!)

Community Supported Agriculture

I am lucky enough to have a few green market options nearby, but even better is the vegetable share I just joined through SI CSA, a friend asked myself and another mutual friend to go in 1/4 each and what a joy!! So far our weekly share costs the equivalent of $10.28 a week for more veg than we can eat (at just 1/4 each!) and we are getting ORGANIC, LOCALLY grown food!! I am excited because the harvest is expanding and we are getting so many great things now that the season is booming! 

SO friends, I would love if you shared some of the things you do to help spread a greener, healthier lifestyle. I will add more from time to time! xoxo


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