Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ups and downs

i have had so much to say, as always, but have done little blogging as of late. i wish i could have a recorder in my mind that could transmit some of my thoughts. i like to look back and reflect on different times in my life and the ways in which my brain processes my environment.
life has been pretty starnge lately. yesterday i fell down some of my stairs and sprained my ankle pretty bad...looks like a little golf ball down there...to me it was an omen to start focusing more on my well being and health...thus, i am attached to a heart montior, am going for a nerve test saturday and will go through all the health shenanigans i must...and i must start being more healthy...but my masochism keeps me from it...next thought..., my head HURTS!! curses.

---> the Pier 1 Imports catalogue is uber inspiring
---> there are these new American Express ads in magazines that are right up a scrapper's proverbial alley...they have a q & a alongside a picture...very cute
---> i spent over four hours at the doctor's today and read two Better Homes and Gardens...the layout design of this mag rocks and I found loads of inspiration---> next LOB: MAKE TIME TO CREATE
---> in case I forgot---> MY HEAD HURTS....too many thoughts, too many things I stress about, too many clothes on my bed and in the dryer that need to go to their rightful homes...
---> picture is of me at the HARVARD CLUB in Manhattan. Unreal. You walk in and expect violins to be playing in the background. The place reminded my of George Harrison's "Got my mind set on you" video...freakish. Alas, I accomplished a dream of being on one of those library ladders...i wish to have one myself one day...had fun exploring there and playing pretend. Thank you Gary, Melissa, and Unique for playing along! :) Posted by Picasa

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