Tuesday, August 21, 2007

happiness part 1

i have now spent an entire year out of focus. serenely aware of a different dimension of myself and life that i needed to discover and experience. now i feel like i know myself so much more for what i really am. i still laugh at how difficult it can be for me to comprehend some of the most simple tasks or behaviors in life, yet i easily understand the esoteric, the pragmatic, the beauty, the silliness of 'it' all. somehow i feel renewed, like i have been gathering energy for more on my journey. again i laugh because i am on a journey with only a vague sense of destination.

some things that meke me happy right now:


*this line from RENT: 'the opposite of war is not peace, it's creation' -Mark 'La Vie Boheme'
(where did these believers go?? where are the minds like Larson?? times haven't really changed so much as circumstances)

*Pete Bjorn and John's "Writer's Block"; Stars, Rogue Wave, Architecture in Helsinki

*Keri Smith's "Wreck This Journal"-- (i love how i tried using this as a communal device. i have asked other's to help me in the wrecking of the journal. i encourage all types of destruction as long as it is with abandon and openness. so far i have involved:my bro Chris, Cristyn, Amanda, some guy Steve, Dave, Stacey, and Pete. at first i get a raised eyebrow (except maybe from brother and Adam) but then the reward is watching people interact, create, share, express...). Beautiful.

*HBO on Demand- particularly Flight of the Conchords!!

Random: today i bought some new shirts and a pair of shoes from kohl's, thus i must get rid of some things that i don't ever wear. i am a space conservationist! :)

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