Saturday, August 11, 2007

i go places

sometimes you just go out because you want to. and you go to a place because the drinks are cheap, your best friend wants to, and you juat go with it. and you get along well, you have a few drinks heroically, have deep conversation with other locals who are world from you, yet humans just the same, and you realize it is time to go. anywhere, just go. experience the new. the now. and you think to yourself, i cannot see myself finding my other half here, unless he just so happens to be lost like i am. so you smile, you communicate because you are curious and well-mannered...and you say to yourself, it is close to time for a change.

i am currently happy for: music, Jasper being sweet, having my own apartment, natalie, possibility, my mac, beer, and being open to new experiences!

listening to: Deerhoof!

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