Friday, August 10, 2007

i exist

i rarely blog. it is not that i don't have so much to say, it is that i am fearful of saying it all. i believe no one cares. i don't commit enough time to any one thing. i love too much. i want too much. but, i am also soooo happy for soooo many things!!

Ten Things That Make Me Happy Right Now:

1. Going to Oregon in two weeks!
2. Going to see Beirut and Blonde Redhead in September!
3. Going to workshops with the Dalai Lama in October!! (wowwowwow!)
4. Guerilla Art (see Keri Smith's new book!1)
5. Get Fuzzy
6. Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Crunch ice cream!!
7. LOST!
8. my pal Frank from Texas's letters to me!!
9. Friends: Cristyn, Adam, Tony, Nat, Pete, Jessica, Patti, my siblings!! yay!
10. dreams of possibility

issue: I have been procrastinating finishing the last Harry Potter book because I am afraid of it friends are angry because they want to discuss and give out the winnings from our pool...but then it would be spoiled...Jessica says I am a big baby...perhaps she has a point! i should be cleaning out my studio right now, but instead i am playing around here in the alternate reality...poo

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