Sunday, May 21, 2006

mysterious life...

As my title reads I am constantly reminded of how elusive the experience of life truly is. there are so many obstacles, detours, carnival shows, and adventures within and without. i am starting to feel my energy change as i embark on a new chapter in my life. the one sense of relief i have is that i am still essentially me. there is always that eternal spirit that regains consciousness of itself from time to time. my physical journey is coming soon and i am so excited that life is being lived on clouds lately. i feel like i am in some waking life. the beauty is that my soul feels alive again. i am inspired, i am reconnecting with things and people that are extensions of the life i love. it's funny how easily we forget the things that influence us and make us who we are. it's hard to remain conscious of all of those factors that make us the beautifully complicated beings that we are. but then again, life has a way of making things resurface, of teaching lessons, of providing us with new and old experiences refreshed. . . right now...LIFE IS GOOD for me...maybe not for the whole world, but i am glad that i am contributing positive energy to the collective consciousness...

music is my soulf food!

I finally found out exactly where i am going!! I will be starting my trip on July 6th to Warsaw, Poland and we will be going to two other places in the counrty, then to Jerusalem and a Kibbutz in Israel until July 20th. I still don't know if I am staying in Europe or not...i will cross my fingers. My heart wells up at the thought of my excitement!! I can't wait to venture beyond, to be a part of something bigger than me! It is quite a feeling to know that I am going to change soon.

However, first I must be excited about June 13: RADIOHEAD!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I want to cry thinking about my anticipation for this day!!! Less than one month away!!!!!

I am going through old journals of mine and it's amazing that i am still so much myself, here is one that i love from 2000 that I feel fairly represents who i still am and how i still am...

Careful friend!
Kiss me
and you might hear
of yesterday and tomorrow.
We will make today
if you taste
my trust.

Careful lover!
Join with me
and be taken on
an adventure
with demons and fairies
and all that is beyond
the curtain of humanity.

Careful love!
Switch souls
with me
and you may find
floating in the heavens
can overwhelm
the heaviest if spirits.

Careful stranger!
look my way
and my eyes may lure you
towards a portal
of truth
(of pain and bliss)
-side by side-
forever flowing
in the beauty
that is

Careful loved one!
Tread on me
and see me
further losing the bridge
to all that love
can encompass
and all of
my gifts.

Careful world!
Jump on me
Steal my innocence
Reveal my humanity
and desecrate my soul
such a sin will
rst with you
beyond this moon.
(victims of the animals we've become and not the ones we've strived to leave behind)

Careful sky!
Don't fall on me
for I am willful
a tattered soul
the lightness of being
and the power
to spread goodness.

Carefel all that breathe!
For I will be with you
this span
smiling through the clouds.
Then you will understand
why I love you all the same.
Then you will be free.

See what happens when I don't blog enough! It all pours out into random poetics musings!! :)


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