Monday, September 10, 2007


well, perhaps i am being a bit of a baby, but i need to gripe about the New York City DOE! I usually try to steer clear of expressing all of the things I loathe about the system, but what I can no longer stand is the state of the school buildings. It is the 21st C and we do not have any air conditioning or fans at that! That may seem like a lot to ask for, but on a day like today in which it is September, above 90 and close to 100% humidity, it is unbearable to be in my school building. Now, aside from how it has personally affected me, think of the kids. How can they possibly learn this way? As it is teens are volatile, add an excrutating environment and one is asking for armaggedon! As awful as it may sound, today I felt like I was in Africa--there were flies all over, I felt sticky, I was sweating to the point that my shirt fuzz was sticking to my arms, and my glasses kept fogging up due to the humidity. There was a point that the heat hit me so hard that I was physically in pain, despite feeling like I desperately needed another shower and a nap. However, really I spent most of the day thinking about the kids and some of the staff who I am sure cannot handle such extremity. It is borderline inhumane! And this is supposed to be the greatest city in the world, and we are supposed to uphold an educational standard...blah, blah, can these kids respect this institution when it is clear that their needs are not fully considered!!??? And I am supposed to be walking around the room, teaching, observing, faciliating, keeping order...whatever they expect latley...all while drenched, exhausted in my body and soul, and developing migraines....this is where the job is less romantic....however, there are so many positives...this is just taking its toll on me...the DOE is a disaster!! Education isn't truly valued in any way and then the public wonders why the state of society appears to be declining! Hello parents!! Speak up! Get involved! Parent if you are going to have children!!! Argh!!! I need out!

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