Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am super sad that my camera is dead right now. It made its last clumsy fall out of my pocketbook in front of the mother's. I was too optimistic in believing it could keep hitting asphalt and not eventually give up. Alas, it has been almost three years since I got it...

Interesting observations: it is precipitating outside. a weird hybrid of snow and rain. it sounds like it is being poured from a large bucket in the sky. it is super cold.

I typically give my Freshmen a journal entry after they finish with their Independent Reading. Since I am about to teach Flowers for Algernon, today's entry asked them to describe what they think they are good at, and if there was anything about themselves they would change. After some shared their responses Rubi asks why I don't share mine. I realized I never write my own responses (which I should start to do out of simple pleasure) and decided to make something up...but on deeper reflection, here is my response:

Good at:
-noticing the beautiful in the everyday
-parallel parking
-solving problems
-capturing moments in photos
-getting along with others...i play nice : )

If I could change:
-I wouldn't have debt
-I wouldn''t suffer from anxiety and depression
-I would lose ten pounds
-I would keep in touch with people more
-I would procrastinate less
-I would have clear sinuses
-I would never smoke cigarettes

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  1. Trillz. I love my sister but am not in love with her. Flowers for A is a great book and it's evident which version of Charlie I wish I could be.



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