Sunday, January 20, 2008


I loved Lou Reed's song "Perfect Day" (which was part of the Trainspotting soundtrack) and yesterday I discovered what a perfect day for me is:

1. Had a meeting for the program I teach on Saturdays-- which really sucked but added to my appreciation of the rest of the day and made me feel productive!

2. Ate with my lovely ladies Cristyn and Patti at this great new place on the island: MARIE'S GOURMET CAFE. I ordered out from there once and literally had food-orgasm from the freshness and yumminess of it all! So we went and ate there and it was supercute and everything was delectable!! mmmm. And, just like everywhere on the island, I know one of the guys who opened the place. I wish them all the very best!

3. Went to Best Buy and Mall with Cristyn--bought HEIMA!!! Today was the day of luck, I felt like I was the harbinger of karmic equilibrium, it was impossible to locate Heima, yet it found me...but I digress. When leaving Best Buy, Cristyn noticed she had lost a lanyard with all of her store swipe-card thingys and was flustered about where it could have possibly have fallen. We continue walking the mile to the car and she starts to describe the lanyard. As she is doing so I notice something hanging from the mirror of the car next to ours. She continues to describe and I envision that the thing hanging from the mirror is like her lanyard. So I say, 'why would someone have that random thingy hanging from their mirror?" As we move closer I say, 'wait minute..." and it was her lanyard. It was as it visually apparrated as she was describing. Bless good samaritans! I digress some more...

4. Later in the evening my love Nat and I went to eat at BAYOU (one of the best things about Staten Island, period!) Which is always a gastronomical pleasure! We gorged and I got to drink my Spaten and ran into Patti there!! haha. yesterday was the day of running into people!! I digress again.

5. On the way to BLONDE REDHEAD!! This was the third time this past year I have attempted to see them and I was anxious that something would interefere...but we got to TERMINAL 5 (very cool venue though it was super-crowded! GREAT SOUND and very laid back inside) ---on the way in we run into more islanders (of course) and make it for THE RAVEONETTES! (who ROCKED!!)--and then the apex--BLONDE REDHEAD! wowowowowow. SO good! SOOOOOO good. Once again: SO GOOD!!

The entire day was full of friends, fun, laughs, odd moments, beautiful music, and peace. I couldn't have felt more lucky!

On the show...


I can't say I listened to them prior to the show, and was pleasantly surprised that they were the openers. Their sound was hypnotic and they were a very tight band. I would say the thing that stood out the most was the drummer. Firstly, everyone in the band had an ambiguous look to them, but the drummer...whoaa! She was amazing! She stood the whole time and banged away like an ancient master of a journey. .F'ing great.

And there was Blonde Redhead:

wow. I was immediately blown away!! They were amazing...words escape me. This year has a lot to live up to because concert 1 of 2008 just pierced me and let the air spill from my heart. Watching them play was like an ethereal dance. Makino had this hypnotic movement about her, as if she was luring the audience into the soul of her world. Beautiful. What MAKES a show for me is seeing bands that seem to coalesce and have so much fun on stage! wow.

HIGHLIGHTS: Elephant Woman, Falling Man, 23, The Dress... and in the encore (i literally prayed over and over and then....) Dr. Strangeluv!! ack!! luck luck luck!

GRIPES: What is it with all of these hip people who come to these shows, push their way around the entire time, and yak about nonsense when others are trying to enjoy the music??? woe to the tragically cool.

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