Sunday, January 13, 2008

To blog or not to blog

sometimes i wonder why i blog at all, other times i wonder why i don't more often. perhaps it is because no one reads this. perhaps it's because i'm afraid people might read this. sometimes i feel like i'm not sure what makes something or someone 'cool' or not, but other times i think, 'i am pretty damn cool and have cool things to share.'' haha. LIKE:

yesterday after eating Vietnamese food with my mom and sister i was walking to my car and noticed that someone had put a poppy seed bagel over my antennae. there was no vandalism, no note, no witness, just a poppy seed bagel. i wondered how long it had been there. really, how often do i notice that side of my car? i thought it could have been one of the guys i joke with at the local market, or some kids being silly. either way, i couldn't stop laughing about it all day! a part of me wished i kept it there, for irony. i seriously wish my camera was working so i could have gotten a picture.

every day there is something that catches my attention, that makes me ponder, laugh, smirk...the poppy seed bagel incident made me realize how easily people ignore details in their lives, and opportunities to laugh and laugh and laugh....

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