Monday, July 14, 2008


I have been in in love with this concept for so many years that it's sad I am only acting on it now...but that is me, I covet inspiration all over and then finally burst with creative energy. I am trying to make creating one of my top priorities--this will be easier once I finish my master's, but since it's summer there shouldn't be any excuse, insecurities, or guilt...

So on Sunday I aimed at 20 (ended up with 15) Artist Trading Cards. They are these beautiful little doses of creativity. Art in Your Pocket!

I am so excited and kind of proud of my little darlings! I am learning that the act of sharing art isn't entirely self-indulgent. I love to see other people's works-- I become inspired to just do! To express and create for the simple act of making lovely things, exerting energy, sharing beauty, inspiring others to do as well...that is what it really is! So, one of my personal goals over the next year is to really practice my beliefs and passions more! It's always hard to balance in life-- believe me, I have my share of weight on my shoulders...but part of the balance is in giving as much as you get, sharing as much as possible, putting positive energy out there to balance the negative.

I have been planning some ATC's for so long, others I did a quick sketch or wrote a concept down, and others just came. It was a guide exercise in using scraps and items I either might not have used in a small scale or was dying to play with just because. As you will see, I am obsessed with certain elements: text (the English major in me!), texture (I like to touch things!), hand additions (even if they're sloppy, they're a piece of me), Audrey Hepburn (my love), greens, teals, yellows, birdies, robots, music...tons of tiny homages! My Sunday burst was inspired by her! I was particularly inspired by this one! I have read Kristina's blog for a few years, got her collaborative book, and all around feel happy to see someone like her out there! It makes someone like me feel like it is OK to DO and BE who I am--quirks and all--and makeandshareandplayandwrite like anyone else! So, in checking out her blog it finally hit me to do!!!

If you want to know more about ATC's, check out this cool blog.

If you want to see mine individually (and close up in all the glories of a scanner)- then check out my flickr. Next line of business is to create labels for the backs and then start trading. I promised one to my old friend Vinny (of the amazing Budos Band!) in return for one made by him. He is an art teacher and thought it would be a great thing to do with his kids-- which inspire me to do something of the sort with poems in my classroom. (ooh, SO MANY IDEAS!) Ultimately my goal is to do an ATC SWAP on the island. Hopefully that will be a catalyst in getting me more involved with the community here rather than trying to run away from it. You've gotta be the change you desire!


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  1. Wow! That's all I can say right now. You amaze me with these cataclysmic bursts of everything! Really! Love,love,love this ATC thing. I had heard of the concept, but never really believed anyone could do it. I know, silly. I thought it was for "official" as in "professional" artists. Okay, then, you have just passed on another creative world to me. Many kisses. I adore those Alice cards. Want them all! When I get my act together on this, let's trade, PLEASE.
    Lastly, i am so happy you are showin' the love of our little island. it does have many beautiful living souls all around doing some lovely things, doesn't it. You are too, too kind for including me. Shucks. You are a sweetie pie. Love you, love your creative soul. Keep creating, my inspiring friend. xoxo



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