Monday, July 14, 2008

so much to say so much to say

I have wanted to write here lately, but I have been thinking, creating, living, and missing my own camera!! Pictures are so important to me when it comes to documenting...that and lists, and goals, and some semblance of order-- which is so hard for me!! Some of the things I am most excited about are:


     This has been the major goal for me in our apartment, because this wall meant I could really unpack my art books, and find homes for more of my supplies!! We had sketched this idea months ago and piece by piece we collected wine crates from our friend Lauren (who works at Total Wine in NJ) until we had enough for our plan. Then Ange put up a facade for us to play with, then we got the plywood, Ange painted the pieces white, and then we spent one whole day staining all 18 crates a maple color. It was amazing to see how differently and rich each crate came out. We had so much fun staining!! Then came the actual putting together. First the base was nailed to the floor and the two support pieces were nailed to that. After we screwed in the first three boxes to the base (all facing one direction) and then added the next layer facing another direction while overlapping other boxes for us to screw them into each other. It was difficult at some points because the crates aren't perfectly level and are generally pretty thin-- however the weight of the crates on each other, then the top beam and the poles in the ceiling made the piece super sturdy. So, yesss, it is done (actually it has been about a week!) and I have started to put stuff in...and I can't disguise my pride and excitement. We did it and it came out just as we hoped. As you can see in the pictures, the purpose of the wall is primarily for extra storage, but it also sections the room of into two side, and guestish side. We left openings for light and aesthetics. Now it's about finding the best way to put all of my stuff in there!! So, since my last post I have been working on our home, been inspired to create (can't wait to scan and post pictures!!), experimenting with food, reading books, watching movies, taking walks, seeing people, discovering!! Before I ramble more, take a look at the finishing process of our wall:

Guest side


2. Experimenting in the Kitchen! 

Sometimes I am scared in the kitchen, though I always wanted to be comfortable to experiment. I always find that I need many different avenues to be creative in. So, even though this isn't really a big deal, I was super proud of trying some things from various Everyday Food mags. The pics are from my first fritatta (remember, I am scared of the oven)! It was a Gala apple and white cheddar fritatta (am I spelling this correctly?) and it was damn good!! Sadly, I didn't get pictures of my baking creation...the super easy, SUPER ADDICTIVE peanut butter granola balls. I made two different batches because they were so good and again EASY! ALl I did was put in about 1/3 a cup of all natural peanut butter, 1/4 cup of honey (probably more because I love honey) and then a few cups of granola cereal (which already had almonds and raisins, so I took an easy route here), a few tbsp. of unsalted butter, and love! First you heat the butter, PB, and honey until it is smooth. Then you add the granola so that it is all coated. Then you just drop little globs into mini cupcake cups and let sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes or so. And then, voila, deliciousness!!! 

3. Reading a lot and accomplishing goals!

Every year, every day, all of the time...I MAKE LISTS! I often just let myself live, but I  must admit, I make lists of things to do before I die, things to do before I turn another year older, things to do over the summer, etc. I try to make the goals manageable (albeit boring at times!) But so far this summer, I have read two books for myself and myself only (I've read tons for my class in the last month and a half!) so  got to finally cross Memoirs of a Geisha off my list and I also read a newish book A Consequence of Ordinary by Zoli Rosen. Memoirs is definitely a great book to get lost in. I find it really encompasses the reason I love reading-- to discover new worlds, linger in places you would otherwise never visit. I did a bunch of research on the book (another obsession I will have to write about at a later date!) and even though it is fiction and there are some inaccuracies, it is well worth the read to be catapulted into the harsh and mystical world of Geisha. As for the second book of choice, I desperately have to read something good to make up for reading this book. I read the whole book in a day, most of it at the park-- a lovely day that Ange and I took advantage of by walking down to Clove Lakes Park, having a little picnic and reading for hours. Then we tried the new Indian restaurant Clove... but let me get back on track! (Whatever that means!) So, A Consequence of Ordinary. Hmm...the story of most people's life? I first got this book because a former student of mine is related to the author and because of her excitement, and her mother's comments on the book, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked it up. Flash forward about a year and I finally read it. The first thing I will say is that the book kept me wanting to finish (albeit to really find out the culminating point) and there were certainly some really beautiful and poignant lines: "Faith in vanity means keeping your eyes closed" (11)-- however, I found myself really miffed at different points in the story, noticed quite a few editing issues (I am crazy that way) and really felt the book should have been called A Consequence of Cliche...that probably sounds really harsh-- but if you enjoy somewhat self-indulgent, metafictionish, stories about finding yourself in NYC as a twenty-something...then awesome...Rosen has potential, but he needs to find a different world to conquer. 

Memoirs of a Geisha

A Consequence of Ordinary

So...even though I miss my camera so much, I still try to take pics with Ange's here is to beautiful days in the park...

and reading all day long!

And really, I need to blog about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, my obsession with research, and my ATC's!! Inspiration is abound, it is time to be proactive and create because it is necessary, and share because it is human! Lots of love!

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  1. Oh, Jen...I miss you, too. That picture of you almost brought tears to my eyes- You look so peaceful and I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. We are solidly into our summer and still haven't shared creative time...sniff,sniff.
    Yes, you have been a busy bee. Excellent. I am elated you are experimenting in the kitchen. There is nothing like the instant gratification of kitchen creating and consumption! Must be that mythological thing about eating our creations. I, too have been busy and making lots of little paper books, sewing on fabric, and sewing little creatures. We must share it all. If not in person, the blogs will have to suffice.
    cyndy PS-Wine crate wall=genius.



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