Tuesday, July 15, 2008

because i am challenging myself...

to keep track of life, but not count time

to step outside of of my insecurities 

to find balance

to think of beauty every day

to not let life make me feel bad for living it

to allow various kinds of love in my life

to continuing smiling, even though i know there is plenty in this world not to smile about

to teach hope, awareness, and creative thinking

to write more and share more

to REALLY live in moments

Bubble Battle NYC 6/08 Times Square

Me: Double hand bubble making devices, goofy grin, pot belly, jumping up and down with reckless abandon. Living in a moment, unaware that one of my loves took a picture.


  1. Okay, maybe it's the pms! Tears, again while reading. You honest, brave, beautiful, creature!!! xo

  2. Speaking of balance... Amanda Soule Mama turned me on to this blog project her friend Heather is working on called, "A Month of Balance."

    Check it out:



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