Thursday, July 17, 2008

playing the procrastinator of life...

I should be reading short stories by William Trevor, I should be dealing with a mentally ill mother, i should be out of my pajamas at close to 5pm, but I am reflecting, escaping, playing with diptychs and finding the balance in life! (Thanks Cyndy and thanks Beauty that Moves)
Inside Cat and Outside Cat- It's usually the other way around, but here is a little glimpse into things in life that humble me. Sigh, a cat's life. Simple. Sleep, hide, eat, play, love, fight. Even though he knows I hate it, Jasper finds a way into my closet to sleep on my clothes. He cries as I scoop him out. Fana is under the porch table (after having been inside the grill box for awhile!) Both cats in their hiding. Both in their comfort. I envy them sometimes.
A color study and a beautiful lunch. Yesterday I had a lovely lunch at an oldie but goodie. I love the table cloths here and all of the vibrancy around us. Loved seeing my Nat and her bright green bag. The decor went well with our strawberry and raspberry margaritas! Sigh. To happy moments filled with food, friends, and color. 
The story of life. Happy and Sad and Happy again. I want on, I want off. I like this, now I do not. Moments in and out, here and there, bittersweet and beautiful. 

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  1. I'm so happy you like her site. I thought you would. I love the diptychs, too. I am green for that green bag!



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