Friday, July 18, 2008

ode to kafka

I love Franz Kafka. I have always had an affinity for his way of crafting eerie worlds that are all too 
familiar. In a way, his whole existential universe can be lonely and depressing, but also humbling and 

real. Granted, I was obsessed with him at a time in my life in which I related to him. I guess he helped 

me grow and like a lot of literature I love, I felt less alone knowing I related to someone else. It's funny, 

because my amazing friend Cyndy sent me an e-mail tonight with these poignant words: "we are all one and that what one does, influences the whole. This[as in the words of others] is where I draw a lot of my strength, support, and inspiration," and those words just fit so well with how I was feeling tonight. Life is intense enough sometimes, knowing that you are part of something larger--perhaps greater, is comforting. What originally inspired me to post was Kafka-- largely because I just watched this brilliant short film: Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life, but now I realize that what really needs to be expressed will always find its way. One of the reasons I love art, films, literature-- expression of all kinds, is because I love to feel connected to something, or some persons. I love to glimpse into people's lives, people's minds, people's hearts-- never to judge, just to become more aware and inspired, and ultimately feel less alone. Tonight's film encompassed my love for spoofing, especially when it is witty and intellectual in a way that doesn't take being intellectual too seriously! In hopes that everyone out there finds inspiration, humor in the absurd, and time to reflect, even when it seems like there isn't any time available. 

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  1. I can't stop cracking up long enough to write this! That is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. You must tell me where I can find that!!
    I love, love, love your post. You have such a way with written expression. Jealous!
    I looked for you last night. Had to check my bag to get on the dance floor, so couldn't text. Great music, dancing, friends, beer...made it a great night out. The heat, however, was not compatible with the dancing and beer part!



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