Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SICOLAB! [and stuff]

Lots of news to share and obsessions as well!


Finally finished my final paper for my 20thC Irish Literature class! (Almost fifteen pages!) I chose to write about William Trevor who is a prolific and chilling short-story writer and novelist. So many of his themes are what I find most interesting about reading the Romantics without being sublime. Trevor's stories are starkly real and predominantly about the marginalized in society and how the past (or our historical consciousness) determines our identity. So, my paper is entitled: Phenomenology and the Living Past in William Trevor stories... ambitious but could use a lot of work! His collection is huge and intimidating, but I love that there is so much more to discover!


I have a link on my page for SICOLAB, which is a newly developed community of artists (or artishes like me!) who are trying to create events and a supportive environment for the arts on Staten Island. I've been dying to be part of this group for some time, but due to the above class, I had missed all of the meeting until last night (which I almost missed because I was so enveloped in relief from handing in that paper that I hadn't checked my mail or realized what day it was at all!) The group of people all seemed really down to earth and eager to develop something new and fresh. There are so many different talents and connections-- so naturally I was elated because it brought some hope for our little island. I get so sad that Staten Island gets such a negative rap (even though I have been privy to feeling the same)-- but ultimately there is a lot of charm here that just needs to be nourished properly. I got to a point where I realized that you need 'to be the change you want' and am glad I stopped making social excuses not to join something! So far the group has been involved with the highly publicized ROCK THE HARBOR

and the first of many HOMELESS ART GALLERY shows (pictures to follow-- or check out my link or find the talented Islander MIKE SHANE). I was so impressed with the atmosphere created in our lovely Silver Lake Park. It was like a vintage lounge mixed with outdoor gallery mixed with baby festival. To say the least, this was a real beacon of possibility and really shows how things can happen when people support ideas! So big kudos to Laura Bruij Williams and Frank Williams of WAHOO SKIFFLE CRAZIES for making such a beautiful day happen! Can't wait for the next! Here is to a home I am trying to feel at home in, a place ripe with possibility and fresh minds, filled with talent (ahem, we are the island responsible for recent stars INGRID MICHAELSON and THE BUDOS BAND), a place where I hope I can find the fulfillment I look elsewhere for-- plus I am tired of moving and love our food! Haha. So, I am trying to support as much locally as I can because that is the type of place I want to live in-- and you know "the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step"...lalala...look at some beauty in your home!

AND.... I GOT A NEW CAMERA OF MY OWN!!! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Angelo in my life! He surprised me with a new CANON Powershot similar to the one I had before (with the flip screen) but even better! I played a lot on Monday, but really had to get the paper done, so more to come on my lovely new photographing world!! SO EXCITED!!! Just reopened my FLICKR pro account and ready to share! To exploring your home, revisiting the things you love, and stepping outside of the bubble that keeps you from connecting to others!


  1. heya! i didn't know how to just reply to your comment so i figured it'd be just as well to browse through your blog and leave you a comment. i'm glad you liked the pictures, thank you! i did not get to see the gallery, unfortunately i was working the whole day. also, i didn't really know about it until the day of, otherwise i'd have been there. i'll be at the next one for sure. :)

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