Monday, October 13, 2008

The LIST...

This is my present state...somewhere in a cloud of thought...wondering what year 27 has in store for me...accomplishing one thing off the LIST...wondering why I can't go apple picking and pumpkin picking every day.... 
...but the real purpose of this post is to a.) discuss how I love lists, and b.) display the LIST. I love lists (redundant ad nausea). I have books devoted to them, and plenty that end up crumpled and lost in my purse. I try to keep lists close or posted, but generally my ADD (seriously going to get evaluated soon) makes me all scattered. One list that is extremely valuable to me (and I have lost and refound countless times) is my "Things to do before I die" list, which I occasionally add to and check off of. There are times I feel like I am addicted to listing, as in I can't get things done or focus without them-- so sometimes I try to quit lists so I feel like I can trust myself more....usually I just wish I had made a list of the reasons lists even needed to be quit. Back on track....every year I make goals, small, medium, large...bite size, impossible...things to look forward to, work towards, suffer through...however, one of the issues I have is that I don't often manifest these goals in as focused a way as I would, to add to my focus and because I oddly love reading other people's lists, I decided to share mine in hopes that I will document the journey and force myself to get things done. If you read this, share your lists, maybe participate in some of my list, and remember to be mindful of the journey along the way! (Oh yea, and take pictures, because they are fun!)

27 Things To Do Before I'm 28
1. get my Master's Degree! (so dang close...gotta do it already!) 
3. record a song (just for the sake of it!)
4. finish photo scavenger hunt (to be blogged...)
x5. see at least 5 concerts: 1. Sigur Ros, 2. Tegan and Sara, 3. Okkervil River, 4. Phosphorescent, 5. Mates of State, 6. Built to Spill, 7. Explosions in the Sky/The Flaming Lips
6. develop a running HeARTSI (on the road though I occasionally lose steam)
7. Holocaust Remembrance Event
8. Participate in at least one walk (being the advisor of KEY Club should solve this one!)
9. sew 5 pen caddies 
10. complete at least one project from Lotta book 
11.. complete one project from "Big A$$ Book of Crafts" 
12. album of Israel trip
13. album of Poland trip
14. make cards for blog (got a logo in the is just time and product!)
15. make a workable studio space! (I do have a chair! Photos to come!)
X16. make an apple crisp (picked apples and got a recipe!)
x17. make my own deodorant 
x18. buy padding compound 
19. make art work for next HAG
20. throw a party
x21. have a craft day 
x22. go away somewhere with Angelo (we did camp this weekend, but other people were there)
23. make a day for thrifting
24. bring Jessica to see the tree and the TREE (didn't work out as we planned., never enough time together!)
25. eat at Maison de Couscous (in Bay Ridge.....awesomeness!)
26. participate in a Tattfoo project or Improv Everywhere project
x27. make a pretty blog header!!! 

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