Monday, October 13, 2008

The Upside of Downtime

Rarely do I enjoy my days off...I need them, and I sometimes have fun, but really I just zone out entirely. This weekend Ang and I joined some of his friends to camp for a night in PA at a KOA campsite . I used to camp at one of these in Saugerties when I was a kid, so this was nostalgic for me. For the weekend part I will just tell the story in pics:
The view from my camp chair in the morning...the water looked like a mirror
Loved this quaint little barn...there were two horses there! 
more beauty on our camp lot...
Highland Orchards awesome to finally pick apples, though a lot were damaged because of a hail storm....thus, lots of buggies living off of apples and popping out of them to traumatize me! We still got plenty to bake with! Yum.
This one was safe...I checked before the pic...
and look what I found...
our pumpkins!

and how awesome...
I love these!!
But then there was also Monday....the good thing is I finally saw a good Allergist and are some bad photos of what test 1 looks like...

...the doctor said lots of people take pics and blog about I had to of course! Cliche! Well, it turns out I am allergic to a little bit of everything, but NOT CATS! Crazy! Next week I go in for more tests etc., so I will know more...but it is good to confirm that my hypochondria is not for naught! an eventful weekend, (albeit one full of pensivity) accomplishing mini-goals...and to finally putting my health in the list of priorities...though  that is on my LIST...hmm...well, I think quitting smoking was on my before 27 I was a month late...oh yea, I quit smoking. Let me say it properly: I QUIT SMOKING!!!! 'nuff said.

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  1. I love camping! Your photos look so nice. How relaxing. If you're looking for a great recipe, try Summer's Apple Pie recipe over at Bread and Honey. It looks so delicious. I'm happy to hear you are taking care of your health. Somehow, we push that to the bottom of the list, when it should almost always be up there at the top. Also, big, big, hugs for quitting smoking. It is not easy, no! It does make the allergies easier to deal with. I know from personal experience.
    Yay to life affirming choices and for taking care of ourselves!



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