Sunday, October 26, 2008

What I've been up to...sort of...

October ATC Swap for ATC Beginners
I was super frustrated with these and took so long to finish them. The first mistake I made was having a clear vision of what I wanted. Whenever I do that, my projects never come out exactly as I wanted. Sigh. So, after gluing my fingers together with Gorilla Glue, and then trying everything...and I mean EVERYTHING to get the glue off of my hands, I submit to about five days of gross fingers and general craft disillusionment. So, here are my finished cards, which I partially hate. The theme was "Seasons" and I chose to incorporate my love Alphonse Mucha and two of his seasons: Winter and then Autumn. I find myself wanting to prepare for the seasons since so much of how I am changes with each, but so much of who I am doesn't know how to prepare for anything.

Well, I get to scratch of another thing on the LIST ! I made apple cobbler using the apples and cobbler mix from Highland Orchards. I basically ate it all within 24 hours. Holy yes it was that good!! I didn't even give myself a chance to take pretty pictures! My stomach will remember and I guess that is all I need!

It wouldn't be the season if we didn't carve pumpkins!

and hang out with Zombies!

I got to work on a film "Rising Up", the story is a comedy about the Zombie Civil Rights Movement. I will definitely post more as I find out more! I was supposed to be a zombie, but because my awesome friend Geoff (one of the producers) needed help, I got to be Assistant Wardrobe for the day. So, from 8am-5pm I got to dress soldiers, zombies, a hippie on screen, and generally help one  day of film production go smoothly. One cool think to add to  my 'random cool things I have done in my life' list...not really in the mood to write out any interior monologue, but here are some of the very little bit of pics I took...

And mostly, what I have been up to is this:

Work has gotten me so tightly wound that I must bite my tongue to keep from vomitting negativity. I have found out I am allergic to everything, I am tired all of the time, I have quit smoking, I have dressed up as Jerrica from JEM for a Halloween party (no pics :[ ), attended a follow-up Shakespeare course at Columbia University, survived Parent Teacher Conferences, and worked way more than I can fathom right now...yet there is still SO MUCH TO DO! waaah....sorry, I kind of sound like a cry baby! I have really been in a reevaluating mode...trying to keep me head above water...made Peanut-Butter Honey Granola Balls and am trying to find a new mantra for this episode of life....hmmm...

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