Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Making an Up-Cycled Journal and Corners of My Home...Two posts for the price of one!

UP-CYCLING: Making something BETTER/COOLER/NICER/MORE USEFUL out of something found or otherwise considered junk..

The other day, an intricately wrapped and ornately designed CAMEL advertisement appeared in the mail. In order to make an artistic statement against cigarettes, or to use a really cool design concept in a functional way--a sketchbook/journal was born!
Here is the original advertisement folder opened up to the inside.
Step One: Decoupage outside cover
Step Two: Decoupage inside cover, cut an opening for the pocket!

Step Three involved punching holes and threading hemp rope...tedious...Here are close ups of the best part: decorating! In the second shot you can get a better glimpse of the awesome hologram!
Simple binding inside!
Back cover!! 
Generally used mod podge, patterned paper, stickers, labels, hemp rope, plain paper, an awl and mini-hammer, and a marker. This little project took up about two full hours.
Here is some of my current happiness:
To making/finding beauty at home or with the unexpected!

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  1. Great journal. I've seen those advertisements and they make me fume when I think about how much money was spent to promote cigarette smoking. AHHHHH!
    Anyway, good job turning it around into something creative and therefore, life-affirming and useful. I love the decorative paper you used. So pretty. Great idea.
    Enjoy the weekend. You should try to stop by the farmer's market in St. George tomorrow. The fall produce is so gorgeous.



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