Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Karma: The Peddler's Village Experience

So...Angelo and I played hooky on Monday from work/school for his birthday and took a drive to Peddler's Village in Lahaska, PA. The drive was about an hour and a half of sunshine and foliage. The air was brisk, but still not too uncomfortable--perfect hot chocolate weather!! It was so nice to feel like I actually had a weekend for a change, so I felt I needed to share some of that excess goodness....Here is a little visual tour of our adventure....
Up the hill on the other side of our building...sadly the leaves are already falling!
I love being surrounded by trees!!--eventhough I am allergic to a lot of them!
Peddler's Village is a cute little shopping community along a large line of Antique shops and other adorable shops. In this little "village" there are all sorts of unique shops (that my Dad and step-mom always buy me amazing gifts from) inside precious colonials. There was a calm in the air and a simple cheerfulness around. It was such a treat to be around polite people, country style goods, toys from my childhood (you know, the type that involve using your imagination), and tons of cute cottages.
This was one of two hilarious scarecrows outside of ( I kid you not) "Bull and Cock Restaurant" created as gags on two local newsmen. I LOVED these guys! They reminded me of "The Science of Sleep". 
We had so much fun in this store which was nothing but animal related products! I loved these awesome PIRATE MONKEYS!!
and I desperately wish this flying pig card holder was for sale!

and then there was the Village Toy Shop with so many cool things I have yet to digest it all. There were so many toys I remember growing up with (lots of puppets, a viewfinder, pop guns, tin wind-ups)--so MUCH FUN!!
ah, bliss...

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  1. I would go to war for that giant sized Playmobil guy! We love 'em around here. Those photos are lovely. Looks like you both had a great day. Now I have another destination for day trippin' with Cub.



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