Sunday, November 23, 2008


I find it funny how sometimes I will live life through a series of lenses or spheres of the mind. Many of us do, as if we sift back and forth into different phases of consciousness. One way to illustrate my loose philosophical concept here is how I will often notice one word used everywhere I go. I wonder if it was always there and I am just tuning into that word, or if it is a sign to ruminate over. Part of this stemmed from a conversation with Adam, about how I tend to see patterns in people of the same astrological signs, even though I don't follow astrology as creed. Then there was the next day when Angelo mentioned how he had noticed that the ice cubes in the plastic trays appeared to shrink over time. His mom and sister laughed that he would notice ice shrink, but that is exactly what I mean in my first two sentences.... sometimes we are just tuned in to a certain frequency and other times we just take in large pictures of the daily humdrum. Occasionally I call these 'noticings' my obsessions, since I will become so keen to something in particular. Lately, one of those has been the concept of patterns. Graphic patterns. Personality patterns. Patterns in my decisions. Patterns in the way I have dressed over my life. Patterns in nature. Fabric patterns. Sewing patterns. Everywhere I recognize patterns. I guess I just love repetition and symmetry. You would never know from my apartment, but there is something so aesthetically pleasing about patterns....
Like these amazing books! I found these through the lovely Nubby Twiglet's blog and was floored! As it is I love ornate bookbinding and vintage book design, but these go a step beyond with their use of bold colors!!
Then there is this lovely retro tray 
Or these interesting finds: artist Robin Clare

(Yes, it's a toilet)
AND this amazing artist: Helen Dardik (who I am now OBSESSED with!! She has also inspired a future entry on my love of retro-style art...but I digress) Here are some of the textile patterns she designed:
These are my favorites:


These here are AMAZING fabrics I just got in the mail from Starlit Nest.
The next sets of fabric were part of a surprise package!
1. Erin Mcmorris  for Free Spirit Fabric  2. Joel Dewberry  3. Heather Ross 4. Heather Ross 5. Kokka
1. Heather Ross 2. Amy Butler  3. Heather Ross 4. Tina Givens 5. Heather Bailey

This one is probably mine and Ange's favorite. After looking at Tina's site, I think this is my favorite line!! Chloe's Imagination, check it out!

And, I have learned that I love Heather Ross!! My favorites from the bunch other than the bees are all by her! Like this one below! How cute is it that they are little seahorses?!
And the octopus? Awesome! Plus, I love the color combinations here!

Phew!! This blog entry was brought to you by: A long and fun Sunday filled with friends, holiday fair finds (next entry!), a stressful internet escapade, and a snuggly catten! 
NOW, what do I make with these amazing fabrics?


  1. Patterns/textures is one of my favorite lessons to teach. My sutdents pretend they are wallpaper designers! I was about to recommend a book to you, 1000 Patterns by Drusilla Cole, but Amazon is telling me it's out of print.

    I love the Apple/Pear cutie pie pattern, and I too notice that ice cubs shrink, probably because I never use them and they just sit there! LOL




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