Monday, November 24, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Holiday Fair Finds

There is a richness in a life where you stand on your own feet…you set your own ground rules, and if you follow them, there are great rewards.
–Margaret Bourke-White
This beautiful quote is highlighted in a treasured find from a Holiday Fair this weekend. Wonderful Cyndy invited me along and even though we were more smitten with the school, we each picked up some sweet finds—including the two blondies I ate while there!
We both scored this beautiful book for $5 and though we knew it was a special treat, it wasn’t until I had a chance to thoroughly flip through that I saw the true magic inside! This hefty text is full of vintage artwork, recipes from days of yore, loads of self-esteem enhancing anecdotes and facts on womanhood, crafts, classic story excerpts, and a little bit of everything a little girl should know, and should be surrounded by!! I guess this book exemplifies what I imagine girlhood should have looked like!! If I have a daughter one day I hope to share this with her and I pray the beauty will fill her imagination.
The same publisher made another book A Child’s Book of Grace,  (two of which I bought for Ange’s sisters Beth and Annie), in the same style. Gorgeous. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find these books on the internet just yet! Found them! (Though I have a different color than the last link!)
And my other treat….THESE CUTIE PIES!!!
They are vintage inspired and only $1 each, so I didn’t really see purchasing them as a splurge! I didn’t want to separate them! 
I must say that I am partial to this one:
Though really, they are all divine!
To holiday wishes and fairs, childhood nostalgia, and abundance of baked goods (that I should have done tonight-- but napping in my pj's with my cat seemed so much nicer!)


  1. Oh, as i sat pouring over that book last night...I knew you were too, and that we would share the same sentiments and thoughts about it. I thought about blogging and sharing, but I knew you would do it RIGHT and really capture its beauty and YOU DID!!! It is so lovely. I think it's one of the best things I've purchased in a long, long, time. A true treasure. Thank you for eyeing it, and thinking to say, "Cyndy, look!"
    Love you, Jenn. xoxo
    PS: The PB&J bars are baking as I type. I hope they're good and not "gross," you know what I mean?

  2. ...And a big "aaaa-meeeeen!" (as Cub says,) to that quote. I just re-read it. And your photos of those dolls are perfect. I'm glad they are living with you at your house. They are too sweet.



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