Tuesday, November 25, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Art I Heart (The Currently Living Edition) Part I

This post is being written:
Because I love these artists!
Because I retired them from my sidebar and added new artists to obsess over! (Because whether I post about it or not, a lot of obsessiveness occurs in my life and mind and heart!)
Because even though many people don't appreciate it, art is a great holiday gift! (Especially if you made it yourself!)
Because beautiful things are meant to be shared!

So, this list is impartial and some of these have been posted about before, and will certainly be blogged about again!! (I am planning on Rebel Art, Street Art, Comic Art, and Papercutting Editions--to name a few!) I guess this list will be in order of most recent obsessions:

I have blogged about him before, but really, his ideology is worth revisiting over and over. Tattfoo is one of those artists that is beyond aesthetics. His conceptual thinking and desire to make meaningful experiences transcends the mere 'le sigh' feeling I get when I look at a beautiful piece of art. Tattfoo makes me think. He makes me want more out of life. He makes me want to let go of pretension. THAT is ART!

Jim Houser
What's crazy is that he doesn't have a website at all! I guess that's how we get so much intricate work from him! His style reminds me of Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on Eart h and is full of whimsy and imaginative fun. Sometimes Ifind it hard to describe WHY I attach myself to some art over others. Perhaps there is something that just says, yea, that's how I feel or see! I also WISH I had his style! So many retro influence in his stuff! But, the best is his display! I would love to find a show of his because he is so intricate with creating little worlds. Sigh. Must get this !
Need I say much about this paper genius??? He takes this traditional art form to a higher level with these intricately detailed and personal paper worlds! And he still manages to be hip and stylish! Love! Love!
How does he get such crazy details???
Another paper artist whose style sends me to this nostalgic place of old folk America, yet also has a modern coolness that transcends stylishness. I love her poster motivational poster series so much that I could easily have them all over my house. I like this one with the kids because you can see the papercut. I first discovered her while visiting Portland, Oregon. I was in the mighty Powell's and was hooked...blissfully attached to another artist. She is a regular on Little Otsu and was featured in Handmade Nation as well!

I might have discovered Halsey before Tomine or around the same time, but either way I know I have blogged about him before in every internet home I've made. I love his cute charm, his ability to capture 'teenish' emotion, and...well, 'je ne sais quoi'!? Sigh. I met him two years ago at the lovely Art Star  and got him to sign a poster. I have also spent a good chunk on a limited edition print of his! I have made gifts for others featuring his work...
and the best part...

I got to give him a hug after an adventure driving out to Philly one winter night just to give this cutie a hug! This was a terrible picture that I edited into a bad picture!
And the pinnacle! Here is another artist I can't get enough of. I blogged about his book "Shortcomings" and own every other graphic novel and or compilation he has out. This obsession has spanned close to a decade, yet it is even more his style of drawing that pulls me into his world and keeps me there. I love the fifties' style simplicity and colors....the clean lines and vacant stares of the universally alienated characters. I am perpetually moved by Tomine. 'Nuff said.
Phew....I guess, the purpose of this is to say: ART MOVES ME. In so many styles, genres, times in my own life...there is always something out there that draws me in and makes me feel part of something beautiful and eternal. Thank you to all of these people. Think about it, what really MOVES you?


  1. Wow! Great, intensive, collection of talent. I am a big Nikki McClure fan. Yes, I want to poster the long hallway in our apartment with her powerful words and images!! I've been meaning to tell you forever and ever about Elsita...You will definitely be adding her to your list of inspiring artists. She has a blog entirely devoted to papercutting. Check out her etsy shop and regular blog, too...
    Here is the link to her papercutting blog-
    Let me know what you think! She is to die for!!!

  2. http://elsita.typepad.com/photos/paper_sculptures/

    Oops...Forgot to tell you to look specifically at her paper sculpture section on her sidebar...There's the link up there.



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