Friday, November 28, 2008


(Sorry, this is a total self-indulgent post!)
Every day I am hyper-aware of how much there is to be thankful for, yet rarely do I break it all down to take a look at REALLY HOW MUCH there is to be thankful for (yes, I am redundant!) I consider myself a rather lucky person, in part because I can see all of those little things that make life so beautiful!

1. my family who gets through it all....even if it seems like a circus sideshow at times
2. my sister Linda for being an angel-saint (a hybrid breed of specialness1)
3. my brother Paul's transformation into devoted Dad (dysfunction and all!)
4. my brother Chris for being one of my best friends and making great mix-cd's for me!
5. my brother Ed for his shoulder whenever I need
6. my brother Ben for impressing me year by year 
7. my Mom, for making in through multiple illnesses and relearning to be herself (which was mean and insane, but I'll take that!)
8. my Dad and Iva, for also being best friends and support systems!
9. my niece and nephew, for being their amazing little selves!
10. all of our animals!! (Princess, Angel, Vincent, Theo, Flash, Mercedes, Dukie, Jasper Johns, Fana)
11. Angelo for being solid, patient, and all around good
12. amazing friends in a place of tension! (thank you Cyndy, Adam, John, Bob, Eric....)
13. those students who make teaching worthwhile
14. my Key Club who do so many great things for others!
15. our amazingly beautiful and inspiring (though still a WIP) apartment!!
16. walking up our steps and seeing into the sunset behind the hills
17. my cat for having so much personality and love in him
18. Ange's cat for being so cute I want to hurt things
19. the amount of great food I have consumed in my life
20. those friends who are my constants (Cristyn, Natalie!)
21. the internet! (fodder for my obsessiveness!!)
22. my camera
24. all of the bloggers I follow who share and inspire me!
25. growing up in museums
26. sleepovers in the twin towers
27. road trips 
28. plane trips
29. visiting other countries
30. sailing on the sea of Galilee
31. friends from other states! (Jessica, Loren!)
32. Portland, Oregon!
33. color!
34. the laughter of children
35. Dr. Seuss
36. cinema
37. tin wind-up toys (actually, all wind-up toys!)
38. our beautiful (though fairly imperfect) country
40. the use of all of my faculties
41. Robots!
42. gocco!!
43. Creating Keepsakes for changing my perspective of scrapbooking
44. live music!!
45. LOST!
46. beautiful patterns
47. the cajun chicken wrap at Bayou
48. tiramisu from Carmine's
49. my PINK pajamas
50. argyle socks
51. my Marc Jacobs blazer
52. 7gypsies, Jenni Bowlin, Sassafrass Lass, Cosmo Cricket, Heidi Swapp...
53. Audrey Hepburn
54. my college education
55. three weeks in California when I was 19
56. snorkeling in an underground river in Xcaret, Mexico
57. visiting Rendez Vous Key in Belize
58.  a few doctors I trust
59. my current car (6 1/2 years without blowing up! knock on wood!)
60. my Charlie's Angels tin lunchbox
61. carnivals
62. comfy pillows
63. MUSIC!1
64. MY MAC!!
66. my generally clear skin
67. post-it notes
68. holiday lights
69. fairs of all sorts!
70. the view of Manhattan from our shore
71. the Cookie Jar cookies
72. living near two parks
74. the sounds of accordians and ukeleles (or mandolins)
75. zywiec and spaten
76. living in a culturally diverse city
77. live theater
78. having fun for free
80. HOUSE being on t.v. all of the time now!
81. the smell of the air when seasons change
82. the crunch of leaves under my feet in the Fall
83. the moon
84. cows, porcupines
85. Israel
86. the right to be educated
87. the International Festival at my school
88. the Columbia fellowship this past summer!
89. having had Professors who deeply affected me (Hack, Falk, Shulman, Kaufma!)
90. Chock Full 'O Nuts!
91. cheese of all varieties
92. pants that fit me well! (a rarity!)
94. food network and HGTV
95. MAGAZINES GALORE! (New York, Real Simple, Mental Floss, Domino, Readymade...)
96. a local Barnes and Noble
97. ETSY (and all things handmade, crafted, and independently run!)
98. patterns and textures I want to touch
99. lazy days
100. anyone who reads my blog and supports my dreams!

Overall, I am thankful for a chance at this thing we call life!! Thank you for your patience. I hope you take time to count your blessings (whenever, wherever, however you can!) Much love!


  1. What a beautifully, thorough, and well-comtemplated list. I am honored to be a part of it, I must say! xoxo
    Part of the nightly prayers that Cub told you about, involves saying the things we are thankful for on that day...I've been wanting to make a list and maybe you've just inspired me here to do so...Cub, recently: "I'm thankful for rainbows in the sky, all of the little babies, and Mama's hair."
    Love this post, Jenn! I'd actually call it the opposite of "self-indulgence!"

  2. what about my Tony???




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