Saturday, November 29, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Handmade Holiday: Part DEUX

I think I am starting all of my holiday crafts a little late, but each year I get closer to a more efficient and handmade holiday. One thing is that I am budgeting myself and setting limits all together. I find so MUCH GREAT STUFF all over the internet that I can't even keep up with myself! Sometimes I bookmark and save things so quickly that I find myself with a huge messy bookmark menu of confusion. Either way, I have at least entered the planning and preparation phase and am eager to try my hands at some simple and super cool sewing projects. Here are some of the items I am MOST EXCITED about making (and I will do my best to give you the original sources!)
This here I found through another blog (so sorry, I forget which one) but through that blog I found the "original" source and found so many more goodies through her (Natalie Zee Drieu--owner of the cutest dog in the universe!). 
This sewing mat was scanned from a Japanese craft book!! I desperately want to inherit some of their craft culture!! Thank you Japan for Gocco, Kawaii, and so many cool ideas!!

She has a bunch of great tutorials, though this one is high on the list of must-makes. My limited skills should be able to handle this! (I hope!)
Here is another one I think I can handle from Purl Bee:

Maria's Bias Tape Purse with Zipper
(for some reason the original site image isn't working, but I found this beautiful pic from Joyful Abode-
so happy I found another cool site, check out her cool crafts!)
The there is the beautiful (as in touching as well as aesthetic talent) blog My Longest Year . There are so many cute and relatively simple tutorials here but this one takes the cake, or should I say rump?
And I am most certainly going to try: Art supplies case  from This Mama Makes Stuff 
Then there are the PENULTIMATE resources: The Domestic Diva and Sew Mama Sew!
I don't even know where to begin with these!! There are a plethora of practical, fun, and relatively simple ideas here! I want so many of these things!!!! And, there is all of 2007 to check out as well!! Come on, aren't these awesome:
Wow...I am overwhelmed with possibilities and so many others blogs and creations to check out! I love how Sew Mama Sew has set everything up via categories and has basically created a MEME challenge for crafting. Everything is organized, and linked to recommendations for similar or coordinating products. I can't wait for the day that these types of things can be my main focus! 

For more inspiration and free goodies check out:
This great Holiday Zine from Heart Handmade ( I recommend Part III!!) has recipes, free printables, and other cool things I won't spoil for you!

And for the topper...

(I made one so far and it came out so so, I think I measured wrong somewhere!) I will definitely post pics of things as I go along!! Plus, I found a great way to upcycle a bunch of these plastic baggies that our curtains from Target came in!! Yay!
Now the questions are: 
1. Will I actually accomplish most of these by the big day??
2. What are you making?? 

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  1. What am I making? Oh, my...felt and more felt ornaments...They will be little prezzies or tied on to packages. They are coming along now. Since I actually have most of my gifts in order, I've narrowed it down to what I need to make.
    A lovely silk scarf, felt needle books to go with my mini pin cushions, some photo journals, and the silouette of Cub. I'd like to get those recycled juice bag/pencil cases done and maybe a zip pouch or two...more eyepillows. Oh, yes. So much to do. You asked the right question, "Will it all get done by the big day?"
    Just pulled out my machine this morning and am in the middle of winding a bobbin. Let's hope this all works! Happy crafting!



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