Sunday, November 30, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Handmade Holiday: Part TREE (three in Brooklynese)

I am a total advocate of beautiful wrapping (to the point that I spend more time on packaging than shopping!)-- however, I am also the one who intricately unwraps gifts so I can save the paper....I hate waste!! (Cue Walt Whitman..."so I contradict myself")--Either way, I rack up as many UPCYCLING ideas as possible, and one back up to wrapping paper has always been fabric, so I was thrilled to find this Japanese (of course) fabric folding guide through Sew Mama Sew!

Here is the PDF link 
Another 'wrapping' resource is to use a basket. My friend Natalie started me on this obsession years ago, and since I have loved anything in a basket!!  Even cooler are handmade or paper baskets, like I found on this SUPER AMAZING site: The Toy Maker  (again, thank you Sew Mama Sew!) I was so inspired by this toy maker that I instantly wrote her a note of gratitude. I covet all sites with paper toys (a post I must make!) and her site is the mecca...
Instructions here! 
For the eco-conscious (read: not the eco-obsessed...I'm not quite there yet either!) You could easily make these baskets/bags and later the recipient or yourself could use the paper for another craft project, a pencil holder, the ideas are limitless...I exaggerate...I am just charged with ideas!
NOW FOR A SEGUE and plugs for local businesses:
And today, I received a very special basket from an inspiring friend JP. He, along with some others (including another old friend Jason) are working on putting together a holistic food company supporting local farmers etc. Firstly, I love all things yummy and good for you, but more than that I love supporting community when I can and seeing others build upon their dreams. This beautiful gift consisted of some of their delicious jams/marmalades, Ayurvedic teas, and bath salts, ALL HOMEMADE!! I also bought some Pineapple Salsa, Cranberry Apple Sauce, and a delicious Butternut Squash, Carob, and Raisin muffin!! Yowza!! (Will post pics later!) All of this because I finally got to go to the Alice Austen House holiday fair and he was selling for their grassroots co. AYURVEDA SINY!! They don't have a site or anything yet, but anyone interested in Dietary/Herbal Therapy consultation, Vedic Astrology, Artistic services, or all natural fixings, e-mail ! As for the rest of the fair, I went out despite some heavy winds and rain, and when I entered the quaint museum I was brushed with the sweet smell of warm cider and baked goods. I got into a bunch of great conversations and was in awe of Beadlady 5 's jewelry and the work of local artist (and regular sub at my school) Andrea Philips!! And I was lucky, Cyndy stopped by while I was there and because of her I  drank some of that delicious cider and tried some quince marmalade on a cracker. I digress...
I collect templates and printables from ALL OVER the internet, but the blog Bella Dia has put together an immense link list of free tags for your presents!! Woo-hoo, another great blog for me to pine over!
Here are the tags offered FOR FREE via Sew Mama Sew! 
The original PDF LINK! 
And my last (for this post at least), but not least Holiday upcycling idea is using old Holiday Cards for new projects! My favorite resources have been from magazines showing ornament making from old cards (will amend this when I find links or pics) and then there is the lovely and ever-inspiring Ali Edwards !! If you check out her section on Holiday Projects you will see what I am "talking" about:
She just used a square punch and some stickers to make upcycled holiday decor!! Love her! I could have sworn she had an idea using a circle punch on old cards and then using those circles for either holiday art or cards. Hmph. 
Cheers to handmade!!
ASIDE: Tomorrow is December 1st and I am contemplating joining NABLOPOMO for this month though I am not sure if this is the month to do it...either way, the theme is: THANKS and I figure I can show that on days other than holidays, so:
For today: Thank you JP for the lovely gift! Thank you to JP and Jay for the memories and friendships. Thank you Tony for being a friend, even though I didn't call you today! Thank you Cyndy for your creativity, support, and all around greatness, thank you Angelo for being here!! Thank you Jasper and Fana for being so darn cute!! Thank you to all of those amazing people out there making stuff and sharing!! XO


  1. You are very welcome, my Lovely!
    What a nice treat to do the fair tonight in our special Alice house! So warm and cozy! The cider was delicious, too. Love all the fabric wrapping ideas. Want to do that, but don't want to part with my stash! Hee, hee!!! Sew Mama Sew is the crafter's holiday Walmart, right? It's the one stop holiday crafting place. Thanks for all of those great links and ideas. Last year, I made gift boxes out of old xmas cards. Let's get together this weekend and make stuff!
    Hugs and have a great week. Hope to see you sooner than later!

  2. Brooklynese :)

    I love the idea of using fabric instead of wrapping paper! That's the "Green" in Christmas :) Thank you for the PDF version, it's very generous of you.



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