Monday, December 01, 2008


I've been meaning to share some goodies of the scrapbooking (LIFE ART ) kind for some time, but in my compiling of information I became overwhelmed with HOW much I have gathered over time, and how many companies I hold dear to me. Though I am not nearly as prolific with my scrapping as I would like, I still consider it more than a hobby. I fell in love with scrapbooking as artform when I discovered Creating Keepsakes around 7 years ago. Prior to that I still found documentation, ephemera, photographing, and cherishing memories incredibly important, but it wasn't until discovering those magazines, places like Two Peas , and people like Ali that I learned how to combine my many loves, needs, and hopes. The coolest part has been watching all of the products that have come out through the years and the companies that continue to wow me!! Here is some eye-candy and hopefully some inspiration to show others how artistic and awesome scrapbooking can be. (Eventually I will take decent photos of my pages to has been long enough!)
I just got each of these 'screen prints' and I CAN'T wait to use them. Hambly amazes me constantly with their graphic styles, bright colors, transparencies, and overall coolness!! Yum!
Hands down, Sassafrass Lass is amazing! I am speechless when I dig through their products! It's as if my heart and imagination were poured out onto pages. I have been coveting many of their recent products and got my hands on the above recently. I ADORE their vintage whimsical style and graphic designs, plus everything is so well made!! Check out their site for some eye-candy galore!! You will want to eat gum drops and frolic on dewy grass afterwards!

I always liked the nostalgic style of Cosmo Cricket, but lately I am amazed at the artistic and illustrative spirit they are taking with their new line!! The paper above is SO hard to get right now!! I just want to drift away in this dreamscape sea! 

I loved Jenni Bowlin when I would see her work in magazines and even when she designed for (what seems pretty much defunct) Lil' Davis Designs...and then she started her monthly kits that I desperately coveted. Over about the last year her site has been updated and so has her amazing vintage inspired line of products. I am so happy to see her have creative ownership and continue to develop items I want all of the time. I recently got these calendar pages and can't wait to document a year! 


These two products don't even closely exhibit the amazingness that is this scrapbook legacy. 7gypsies is one of my favorite lines of all time. Essentially their style is a mix of vintage, romantic, worldly, and practical. They are basically the company you constantly go to for essentials or those special touches for a project. The first picture is of one of their Gaffer tapes that I have used immensely. The second I got in the mail today and they are truly delicious. 

Aren't these the CUTEST?? I flipped when this company started about a year ago or so. I recently ordered more of the above frames, and desperately want these little 'ninguins'!! What's not to love about BAM POP?? I mean, they are bright, cute as heck, unique, retro, and, my favorite: THEY HAVE ROBOTS EVERYWHERE!!! Sigh....beautiful paper and patterns makes me want to cry! (Tears of joy of course!)

ASIDE: Today I am thankful for former students who I see succeeding in the world (and telling me I helped along the way); meeting my friends Unique ad Tim's baby Violet (such a cute and mellow baby!!); eating at my dear Marie's and seeing my sweetie pie friend Geoff-- film maker, producer, community organizer, event organizer, and sometimes waiter extraordinaire!

Much love everyone!! Remember, it is great to look back on your life and see art!

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