Wednesday, November 12, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Animal Art Edition

I originally saw these pictures in a magazine and had no idea what they were until my niece clued me in! Then as I read and researched I felt such a sense of awe at how powerful and meaningful art can be. This installation is of 1,600 papier-mache pandas in front of the Eiffel Tower. Each panda is a representation of the surviving pandas in the world. When you think about how few that really is it becomes all the more sad. The exhibit is being sponsored by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and if you would like to read more, I like Nylon's article and pictures.  

The next two posters were ironically found while I was simultaneously looking up Shepard Fairey pictures (check him out he is a genius! I will probably have to feature him in an Ode to Street Artists Who Inspire Me) in one window, and looking up pictures of schnauzer dogs as inspiration for silhouettes I'm planning on as gifts to my parents...and I found this awesome baby:

Which led me to Obey the Purebreed!!!
If you know Fairey's work, he is famous for using WWI Propaganda Poster styles with modern political paradigms and messages-- (He is also the creator of the well know Obama posters, like my favorite one).
Suffice to say, I was elated to find these adorable and hilarious posters! I am thinking about making them postcards or something cute featuring these cuties!! AND, they even have posters for cats, as well as other randomly cool graphic designs. My personal favorite is this cutie:

This is particularly meaningful for me because my sister and I have had so many of these beautiful dogs and it is nice to see some positive light shed on a highly misunderstood and mislabeled breed. And, for anyone who thinks I am crazy for even saying that much, check this or this or this out. Okay, I'll stop there! Can you tell I love animals?? Even though I am allergic to almost all of them, there is nothing like the sweetness implicit in so many animals. Sigh. Animals. art. animal art. Hope everyone gives some love to a creature near them! P.S. My cat is laying in a cute little ball behind me, keeping my bum all nice and toasty!! Worth every hive! 

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  1. I love these "editions," the pandas, and the Shepard Fairey art. He is very talented. I used to live near the big Andre the Giant stencil he "upped" in lower Manhattan. It made me smile every time I looked up at it. He is quite the intelligent artist.
    The silouettes are a great idea for your parents. Can't wait to see...



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