Sunday, November 16, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Vintage Finds (Children's Book Edition)

I got these awesome books a while back at Ira's Curiosity Shop here on Staten Island. The books probably totaled $3.00 and are two of my favorite things ever!! Not only are they a) Vintage, b) Children's books, they each have loads of other reasons that they were an ultimate score for me:

"Supercar" (1962)
#1: Here is the front cover!! First of all I love anything involving outer-space, these vibrant colors, and anything involving monkeys! 
#2: The classic Golden Books pattern! This book once belonged to "Robert Gruber"
#3: Awesome, kind of eerie, retro style! These characters remind me of "The Thunderbirds" !
#4) And of course..rocketships and monkeys!
"Pop-Up Riddles" (1965)
#1) I LOVE anything pop-up!!

#2) MONKEY!!

#3) This guy looks like Shakespeare!

#4) This book has funny, and somewhat dark riddles that crack me up!!

1 comment:

  1. Cool finds!
    Geek Fact - Supercar was an early series made by Gerry Anderson, the same guy who made Thunderbirds.



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