Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Santa...

(last winter)

It's been such a long time since I've written you! I hope you remember how I defended you in the 4th grade when all of the kids in the lunchroom teased me for believing. I hope you remember how much I cried when Daddy said you were just a spirit in my heart. Now that I am 27, I think that is just fine, because sometimes what we feel in our hearts is so much more real than what we see in 'real' life. 

Dearest Santa, there is so much I want this year...but very little I need.  I tend to turn to another spirit in my heart whenever I am in need, but this year I realized, I shouldn't forget you either. So, old friend, though sometimes those beliefs and spirits in my heart may seem like they have disappeared, I choose to work harder to retain that warmth that believing gives me during cold months. So Santa, even though I know you get loads of wishes, I hope you read my letter and remember an old friend.

This year I wish for:

-- a job that makes me feel fulfilled
--the ability to be heard when I most need my words to be considered
--the ability to hear others, when I know they're showing care
--the ability to make a difference whenever the chance is near me
--the wisdom to move forward when others seem to push me back
--the faith to keep going and remain honest, even when there's falseness all around
--the confidence to create, because it feels good
--the motivation to express more love, to all who are in my heart
--the energy to make my world beautiful, because it takes one to do so
--the patience it takes for to see karma visit those around me
--the belief in something larger than the littleness in the world
--the conviction to follow my beliefs, even when the big kids laugh at me.

Thank you Santa, the greatest gift each year is knowing someone listens! 
May peace be with you!

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  1. Awh...That letter to Santa takes me all over the place. What a great way to focus on the real gifts of the spirit, the ones we all need.
    I hope you are okay this evening. I'd call, but don't want to disturb. What happened to you? How is your shoulder????? I was wondering what happened to you this afternoon.
    Sending some healing vibes up that hill tonight. Just finished wrapping a zillion prezzies!



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